SNSD Shirts

I was in Myeongdong yesterday and everytime I went to Myeongdong, I noticed a lot of people carrying bags with the SPAO logo (to show that they purchased something from there) and it got me curious, so I decided to check out SPAO.


The clothes are colorful, fresh, and simple. Forever21 was my favorite place to shop in Myeongdong but now I love SPAO (the fact that SNSD and Super Junior are endorsers really help too ^-^).

I bought two SNSD shirts and a pair of jeans ~ I would have loved to have bought all the SNSD clothing (like the adorable bright minis and jackets) but alas, too expensive. Also, their Oh! number shirts were too short and looked weird on me =/ oh well XD

The official SPAO site ( doesn’t have the shirts in their catalogue, weird. Oh well, mine were both short-sleeved, one being yellow with all nice member profile shots drawn onto the shirt in a cute cartoon style, another shirt was a cream color with Jessica’s face cartoon drawing on it. SUPER CUTE X3 Jessica is my fave SNSD member so I was glad to get it, plus, they only had two members (Sooyoung and Jessica) so I went with Jessica’s, especially since her shirt looked cuter ^^

Here’s the closest pic I could find of my shirts:

(The shirt Taeyeon is wearing is the one I have in yellow, the one Sica is wearing is the one I have, only her head is smaller and there are some words on it)

If you live in Korea, check out SPAO! It’s a great place to shop for the basics to add some color and flair into your wardrobe without being too overwhelming 🙂

UPDATE: Found a pic of my Jessica shirt! Thank goodness I saw it while browsing today’s (or maybe it was yesterday’s?) encore concert of SNSD’s.


The Deal With Korean Females and Being Thin

Often on English-language KPOP entertainment sites and blogs, people will comment or write about how Korean girls can be too skinny, need more meat on their bones, junk in the trunk, etc.

I was one of these people, thinking that having that bit of fat here and there looked fine attractive to a certain limit.

Yet, while living in South Korea these past few years, my point of view has changed.

Now, this is comming from an American girl who’s used to seeing overweight, obese women who can still look pretty and curvy. I’m not saying it’s bad to be overweight, but in Korea, the pressure and standards are a lot different.

I feel the need to write out my own experience because I feel that some of blogs and people who comment about Korean girls being too skinny don’t have the right to make such judgments when they haven’t been exposed to the pressure and self-consciousness. But I’m not here to point fingers and say that those people are wrong, but I just wish to show a different point of view to foreigners/those unfamiliar with how modern Korean society is like.

In the USA, I was average weight. Maybe a bit overweight, but certainly not obese.

Comming to Korea, I found that I was horribly overweight and I started becomming self-conscious of my body and image. I didn’t let it bother me the first year living in Korea, but over time I was getting frustrated with the lack of larger, pretty Korean clothing and feeling fat by just eating out in public compared to the thin, ‘beautiful’ Korean girls.

Koreans are very judgmental about first impressions as well, or basically their first impression of your outer image. If your fat, they think you have no self-restraint and bad eating habits and are basically an ugly person. Things like this are what Koreans usually think.

Now, I’m not saying ALL Koreans think like this, but I’m sure if you go to Korea and ask someone about this, they might reply with something to the same extent.

Back to the subject, I wasn’t only feeling pressure from the public, but also indirect pressure from the media. Seeing all these thin KPOP girl groups (SNSD, Wonder Girls, 4minute, KARA, etc.), I had this feeling of wanting to be thinner so I could be more attractive, not only to myself, but to society as well.

Now, if I was still living in the States, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about being thin. Sure, I might want to lose a couple pounds to slim down a bit, but I probably wouldn’t care as much about the fat on my body since every other American girl has extra flab and fat. I’d probably be satisfied with losing 10 pounds and being able to fit into some older clothing of mine.

In Korea, losing 30 pounds isn’t enough for me. Being able to fit into that skirt that I wasn’t able to fit into a year ago isn’t enough for me. Being a few sizes smaller in my jean size isn’t enough for me. In my mind, there’s this voice telling me I need to lose more pounds even though I already got rid of the extra 30lbs.

I’m don’t binge/throw up my food, starve myself, eat once a day, or any of those unhealthy methods that just disgust  me.

At times I might think about doing that to lose weight, but when I think of the health effects in the long run, I decide it’s not worth it.

I eat three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and I excercise daily. Sure, you always hear this from people that that’s what you need to do to lose weight, but I kid you not that if you want to lose some of your extra flab that eating healthy (also watching your calorie and fat intake) and excercising really is how you can lose weight.

I remember watching a Korean documentary on Korean females’ weights, where the first half was about an obessed Korean female, the other half was about an anorexic, bulemic Korean female.

I don’t overeat and stuff myself with unhealthy food like the obsessed Korean and I certainly don’t use unhealthy techniques to achieve weight loss like the bulemic Korean girl, but sometimes I wonder if I’m not any better than the anorexic Korean. I can’t stop thinking that I need to lose more weight. I keep track of whether I’m average weight with a BMI indicator, and so far I am. But I can’t help but think what will happen if I start reaching the ‘underweight’ scale on the BMI chart and still thinking I’m fat.

Will it matter if I still eat healthy foods? Will it matter if I still excercise? Will it still matter if I don’t starve myself and make sure that I eat enough where I feel content but not overly full or deprived?

Although I’m not a full Korean (only half), I can fully understand why Koreans want to be so thin and slim. The environment, society, and even the media brings pressure to have the body of a toothpick to be considered ‘attractive’.

I want to be one of those toothpicks.

And that scares me.

EDIT: Here’s a follow-up post (or part 2) nearly a year after this post.


Today I went to Myeongdong with my mom and wow, today it was super crowded! I’ve gone to Myeongdong a lot of times but this is the first time I’ve ever seen the subway station and streets so crowded!  I thought maybe there was some sort of celeb event going on in Myeongdong but even after three hours of being there, there was still a lot of people!

Besides the hoards of people cluttering the streets, I finally got to eat at…

Han’s Deli!

I’ve been craving to eat at that place since the very first time I went a few weeks ago.

It was really delicious. This is my 2nd time going, though unfortunately the service wasn’t as good as the 1st time. I went to the same Han’s Deli outlet in Myeongdong, but when I went to order the yummy Sweet Potatoe Tortillas that I ate before, they had run out of those ingredients 😦 So instead, I ordered Pork cutlets with Omurice.

I was a bit hesitant to order it since I’m not too into fried foods anymore, but this was really scrumptious ~ My mom ordered the tuna bibimbap, which was so-so. It wasn’t bad, but it was unlike the authentic, traditional Korean bibimbaps that I like (I tried a couple spoons of my mom’s order, hehehe).

I was disappointed with the service since not only did they run out of the meal that I wanted, but they didn’t have a salad side dish that my mom and I wanted. I was filled up with my dish, though it would have been nice to have some greens with my meal. Plus, there was a hair in the pickled radish that I got from the self-service area. GROSS! I have no idea if that hair is mine, my mom’s, or a random stranger’s. Either way, it’s still gross!!

Despite these drawbacks, the meal went smoothly and afterwards we shopped around and got our hair cuts.

I only trimmed my bangs at Juno Hair (9,000won, dang, I miss Pyeongtaek where trimming your bangs was only 3,000won~5,000won, or sometimes free!) while my mom got bangs and cut the length of her hair.

I liked the service though since they had service drinks. I got some orange juice with ice cubes while my mom got an Americano. They also included some small cookies/biscuit snacks which was adorable! My trimming only took 10 mins. so while I was waiting for my mom to finish cutting her hair, one of the workers gave me another orange juice, but this time with three little snack pretzels on the side! Yuuum ~!!

Sometime along our shopping trip I bought a bow hair clip and cute hairband. I NEVER wear hair accessories but when I tried the hairband it was super cute and I love the bow so I’m going to try wearing these accessories to feel cuter, prettier, and just more girly ^^~

Whoops, seems like I’m blogging too much about cooking/baking.

I should probably blog more about my life in Korea, or at least about making Korean food but I really fail at Korean cooking DX

Oh well, I’ll try to equally balance my posts but I honestly find cooking so much fun now ^^;;

Well, today I helped my mom with the Lunar New Year’s cooking my frying some Korean pancakes and fish. Got stung a few times by jumping oil but besides that it was fun : )

Mom also made some delicious mandoo duk soup (I don’t know what it’s called in Korean) with eggs, onions, and possibly leeks? Can’t remember, only know it was reaaaally good!

I want to learn how to make Korean food but seeing as my mom is the one who’s the expert with Korean cooking and my family is more impressed when I make foods that taste better than what my mom makes (that consists of American foods/not-native-Korean food), I won’t even attempt unless it’s to help my mom cook the food or watch her cooking it.

Examples of these would be:

  • Pancakes. My mom makes it out of the box. I like using the box but adding fruits or nuts, which is something my mom hasn’t done. I’ve been complimented that the simple pre-made mix pancakes taste much better with these added ingredients ^-^
  • Cake. My mom follows the box mix, but I like playing around with the recipe a bit. Like substituting the water with some coffee or something like that.
  • Cheesecake. Last time we tried making cheesecake, my mom was appalled by how much butter was needed to make the base so she nearly halved the amount of butter. Well, that resulted in a crumbly bottom which in turn, just didn’t make the cheesecake taste very good or look as good. This time, with the jellyhearts, I decided to follow the amount of butter needed since although I like being healthy, sometimes foods just have to have that extra oil/fat to taste as it does.
  • Chocolate. Okay, I admit, my mom doesn’t, or has never, made chocolate before. But I’m sure mine still would taste better than hers if she ever made it, because the recipe I used only needed a few ingredients, a microwave, and 5 minutes of time ^^Plus, my family was highly impressed!!

Although my family claims they like my food, I wonder if they’re just saying that to make me feel better…hmmm….

Finally Made Jellyhearts!

So, I finally made jellyhearts!

All the problems I had worried about didn’t happen, like the cheese rising to the top because of not being firmed enough, but unfortunately, here are some mistakes I made (I’ll document it here on my wordpress so I’ll remember them for next time…if there is a next time!):

  1. Use square pan. Because my 8×8 pan was too short in height for the jello, I decided to use a round plastic flat bowl I had with tall edges. I lined it with aluminum foil, but it was too little so I used two sheet of aluminum foil. BAD because…
  2. Some jello leaked under the cake. Well, more like under the foil that was under the cake. So the cake wasn’t affected, but I still didn’t like it! *pout*
  3. Use more jello. I used a 85ml pack since I thought a 170 would be too large for my small-ish cake. WRONG! I thought i had enough jello so I stuck with the 85ml pack and let it sit in the fridge, but afterwards I realized it was too little jello too late.
  4. Make homemade cheesecake. I admit, I fail at cooking so I used the Jell-o cheesecake mix, which says it only takes 15 min. to make. I used the cheesecake mix since it was cheaper than buying the cream cheese and all the other ingredients, plus, it came with the graham crackers for the base! Still, the mixture was a bit too soggy/not as firm as I would have liked, but it’s good to use if you want to save money and time, or epically fail at cooking like me.
  5. Use heart cookie cutter. I didn’t have one, so when I foolishly thought cutting the strawberry pieces into hearts by hand with a knife, I realized that it was an epic failure. So instead of wasting strawberries on ugly, not-even-worthy-to-be-called hearts, I just cut them into halves and stuck them on the mixture ^^

Hope this helped for those who want to  make jellyhearts! Unfortunately, no pics since I lost my camera cord. UGH, still mad about that but there’s nothing I can do.

allkpop giveaway

I love allkpop giveaways because they give away the latest albums or other awesome items like autographed DVDs, albums, etc.

This time, they’re having a Valentine’s Day Giveaway and the prizes include SNSD’s Oh! album and CNBlue’s Bluetory album.

As soon as I saw the list of prizes, first thing that pops in my head is, “ZOMG, WANT OH! ALBUM!!!” but after reading some comments I realize that CNBlue’s album was there, an album i’ve wanted for awhile.

I wonder if it’s good or bad that I prefer girl groups over guy groups??? @_@ *feels like bad CNBlue fan*


Made my own lunch since my mommy had to take my brothers to their basketball games and if I do say so myself, the lunch was delicious!

Grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoe soup…but healthier!

Wheat bread, fat-free American cheese, and 98% fat-free sodium reduced Campbell’s tomatoe soup.

I was in need of something pizza-y since my mom made pizza for brunch/early lunch but I was still asleep ㄱ.ㄱ

Wanted tuna sandwhich w/ tomatoes but had no tuna…or tomatoes too!

So instead, thought of grilled cheese sandwhich with tomatoe soup and ironically, it’s sort of pizza-y.

Wheat bread = pizza bread/crust, American cheese = pizza topping cheese, and tomatoe soup = tomatoe sauce.


Microwaved-Chocolate Pecan Fudge


I just made some of this chocolate pecan fudge for Valentine’s day and it tastes DELICIOUS!!! It’s so quick, simple, and easy!

You can make this fudge with other ingredients like marshmellows, different kinds of nuts (like instead of pecans, use almonds, peanuts, walnuts, the possibilities are endless!), peanut butter chips, coconut flakes, etc.

I used pecans since that’s what I had, though I did sprinkle half of the fudge mix with coconut shavings since I bought those too ^^

I was a bit nervous about making this since I read a whole bunch of other recipes to make sure that what I was making would be the best choice. I saw a pic of this fudge on a site and thought it looked yummy but there were some reviews that it tasted horrible. But I decided to keep searching the net for a recipe that tasted good and I found this.

I’m glad I made it, it’s really easy. I was afraid about microwaving since I heard if you microwave it too high/much, the chocolate would harden/not taste as good. I was also afraid I’d cut the chocolate too early since I would only have about 4 or 5 hours to make it (I made the recipe and popped it in the fridge at 5PM).

I took it out and cut a sample piece at 7PM but it still seems a bit too soft. I don’t want it to melt before I can take it to school tomorrow, so I’ll let it chill a bit more before I cut the whole mix.

Wish I could take a pic and share, but I lost my camera cord as well as the recharger (man, I don’t want to imagine my parents’ anger since this is a new camera :x)

Anyways, time to tackle the jelly hearts tomorrow!! Wish me luck DX

Kaname Kuran?!

Is it just me…

…or does Lee Jong Hyun from CNBlue look like…

…Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight?!

This was one of the first things I noticed when I saw CNBlue perform LIVE on TV. I was totally captivated and OMG, he’s like, my favorite CNBlue member now!!! >w<

But not just for his resemblance to Kaname (my favorite VK character), but because his voice is SO HAWT and he has this charisma that’s just so…*fangirl squeal*!!!!

KPOP Girl vs Boy Groups

It’s weird, although I’m a female, I actually prefer KPOP girl groups over the boy groups.

Lately I notice that I look forward more to girl group performances on TV than the guy groups (though I can’t complain with the eye-candy some guy groups provide *wink wink*).  I also listen to girl songs more than songs sung by guys.

It’s not that I’m attracted to girls or anything, but it’s just I think I pull my motivation and inspiration from girl groups.

For example, I’m trying to lose weight, so seeing all those thin, slim females from girl groups sort of inspires me to be healthier as a person (eating right, do some physical activities like dancing) Yeah, you can argue these girls probably starve themselves, blah blah blah, but I won’t pay attention to any of that.

Also, I LOVE looking at their outfits! Some are super cute, others are just like “EWW, what were the stylists thinking?!” and it’s just fun examining the outfits on the girl groups.

I think I like listening to KPOP girl group songs more than guy songs is because I love singing along to songs, but of course, guy songs are waaaay out of my vocal range. Girl songs are just right ^^

It’s fun to mimic the dances of the girl group songs, more than guy songs, at least for me.

So these are my reasons why I like girl KPOP groups more than guy KPOP groups.

I just felt like talking about this since it was on my mind recently. I think the few events that sparked this idea was twice, this Korean guy’s cell phone (in my class) went off, and the first time “You and I” by Park Bom was playing and the 2nd time was a different girl group (can’t remember name or song). Then yesterday, on my bus, I could hear this guy’s mp3 through this headphones since it was so loud and once, I heard “Like the First Time” by T-Ara playing while the 2nd time, I heard “Oh!” by SNSD.

My playlist lately on the bus ride to and from my school consists of (usually in this order):

  •  “Sign” – BEG
  • “Heartbeat” – 2pm
  • “Tomorrow” – 4Tomorrow
  • “I Want You Back” – Secret
  • “You and I” – Park Bom
  • “Chu” – f(x)

This made me think, “Since I’m a female, would it be weird for me to listen more to girl songs than guy songs when these Korean guys in my school like listening more to girl songs than male songs?”

Thus, this post was born 😀