Jay Park’s Comment About 2PM’s “Without You”

On his Youtube Jay Park posted a bulletin that said, “khuns rap part is fire. 2pm “without you” go check it out ! =)”

I’m loving the fact Jay is still giving support to his 2PM members, but according to allkpop, netizens have been leaving these kinds of comments:

 “Ugh, please don’t mention 2**…don’t do that please, love&respect,” and “Jaebeomah! Don’t even think about 6PM anymore…Please don’t think about them anymore and think about your pride…” to “Go check it out? stop Jay!!!!! You really love us? If so, do not promote 2PM!!!!! I’m sorry, I hate them!!!!”

I’m not a huge 2PM fangirl or anything, but these ex-2PM fans sicken me! I’m disugsted by them, how can they love Jay and be like “Eww, 2PM.”

In my head that makes NO sense whatsoever.

Anyways, just a little mini rant since the shallowness of fans is shocking to me.

I find Korean fans usually very loyal, but this isn’t loyalty to abandon your idol group when one member is gone, this is more like something disgusting and horrid…

A true fan would stick with them till the end.

Peace ❤



I think I died a little inside while reading this post:


I wanted to go to Yeouido Park all this week, and now this happens T-T

Feels like that time I went to Everland and got to see SS501 perform (a group I honestly don’t care about as much), but just barely missed seeing SNSD perform.


Maybe one day I will see them perform live…


I don’t like hanging posters on my wall.

Is it just me, or do the faces look sort of scary?

I tried hanging a BigBang poster, but I just really hate how the eyes seem like they’re following you, and not in a good way.


I remember how I had a DBSK poster in my old house and sometimes I would cover the faces because they sort of scared me (I don’t know how to describe it. It’s not like the men look ugly, it’s just that I feel like they’re staring at me the whole time I’m in my room!)

Oh well, maybe it’s just me.

Birthday Cake ~

I celebrated my birthday not too long ago.

My parents bought a delicious strawberry cream sponge cake from Paris Baguette, I love the cakes from PB!

This cake was no excception ~

Even ate two slices, oops >x<

(Incase you didn’t know, I REALLY love strawberries! Like, no joke! Strawberry ice cream with bananas, strawberry smoothie with kiwis, strawberry jelly on my bagel, so many more strawberry foods I eat…)

Anyways, I definately recommend this cake to those who love strawberries.

The cake was a bit too soft though, almost like the whole thing was cream even with the sponge cake, but nonetheless, the taste made up for that ^^

Gosh, I’m craving this yummy cake again. After my family birthday dinner, there weren’t any left over slices left T-T