SBS Inkigayo: 090906 Sep. 6, 2009

I was pretty much anticipating this show for the reason of f(x)’s debut performance on this show and GD’s “Heartbreaker”.

First up was Turtle with Park Hyun Bin. For those who didn’t know, Turtle was a trio with two girls and a guy. Unfortunately, the guy passed away and thus, the group broke up (or at least, were away). I’m not too sure, but anyways, they performed a sort of intro song (I’m guessing from Turtle’s earlier days?) and then Park Hyun Bin’s latest trot song.

Outsider “Youth’s Confession” – And awesome, cool performance. I can never get enough of Outsider’s fast rapping. Only thing I didn’t like: the overly bright pink shirt and shoes.

Cherry Filter “Pianissimo” – I always thought this song would sound good in an anime. For some reason I really love the song. This was a good performance and I’m really loving the drummer/rapper, though his rapping part was small.

Mighty Mouth “Love Class” feat. Nicole from KARA – I don’t think Nicole fits this song well. Her voice doesn’t really have that high pitch sound that the song needs. Nonetheless, she’s nice eyecandy. Not much said since this wasn’t a really memorable kind of performance.

Tiara “Lies” – LOVE the new hair colors, hairstyles, and outfits. In the beginning, when Tiara first debuted, they looked sort of cheap. Now they’ve definately upgraded their image. I really love how each member has a different hair color from each other and a distinct hairstyle. Now I can tell the two rappers apart!

Kara’s Bus Transportation Song – They were promoting on taking the public bus to save energy, or something like that. The video made me kind of dizzy since the camera was shaking up and down to show the movement of the bus.

Trax + Air “Fate” – I know Trax is an older K-rock group, but I honestly don’t know much about them. I’m guessing Air are the two singers? Nonetheless, I thought the song was beautiful with wonderful vocals and awesome background music. Only thing that bothered me was that one of the singer’s reminded me of SS501. Maybe because of his look or the way he sang? You see for yourself:

Baek Ji Young “My Ear’s Candy” feat. Taecyeon from 2PM – This song grew onto me and I really love it. I kinda liked the outfits. They had a cheerleader feel but still works with the song.

Chaeyeon “Fool” –  The song is really boring and Chaeyeon looks bored. Nothing special with the dancing either. Ony thing I liked was the female background dancer’s outfits.

f(x) “Intro” + “Lachata” – I was anticipating this performance through the whole show and I have to say, it didn’t leave me disappointed! Awesome vocals and dancing.

Jewlery “Vari2ty” – I love love LOVE the song, live vocals, and outfits! Though the rapper’s outfit reminded me a bit of Hyun Ah from 4Minute’s outfit, it’s all good. I like the yellow touches in the outfits.

4Minute “Muzik” – A song that I don’t think is as catchy or good as “Hot Issue”, but still a good song nonetheless! This performance was good.

Kara “Mr.” – I’m not crazy about today’s outfits. I didn’t really like the color scheme. They should have stuck with darker, brighter colored pants than the boring khaki pants. The dancing didn’t seem as enthusiastic as previous performances.

2NE1 “Pretty Boy” – I was SO surprised to hear them performing this song! I knew they were promoting the other songs from their mini-album but I honestly hadn’t expected this song (either that or I had forgotten). Love the outfits and hairstyles! And Bom is finally wearing pants! She seems like she lost weight. I thought before she was a bit bigger than the other girls (take note, I am NO T saying she’s fat or overweight. Just that she wasn’t as thin as the others in 2NE1) but this time she seemed slimmer. I hope she’s healthy and she isn’t starving herself or anything. But if she lost the weight healthily, then great! I think she looks better now.

Brown Eyed Girls “Abracadabra” – Looks like they re-used one of their old outfits, possibly just changing the color with the metalic gold cloth. I sort of wish they had a more broad range of clothing to use for this song, but oh well, I’m not going to complain because I still like their outfits! Today they sounded and seemed a bit worn and tired. Hopefully they’ll get some rest soon!

G-Dragon “Heartbreaker” – I had so much hype for this performance but it was a disappointment. I saw his first debut performance of this song and thought that maybe I had been expecting too much since it was his first performance, so I thought he’d do better on the Inkigayo debut performance. Maybe he doesn’t sound as good because of the dancing? I have to say I love the choreography but his vocals aren’t as good as I was expecting…

And the winner of the mutizen is…G-Dragon! On a random note, I really love the YG love between 2NE1 and GD *fangirl squeal*. It’s quite evident in the encore performance:


[VID] Hug Fan Lyrics By Me

I made this video for a DBSK contest on seoulbeats. I didn’t win, but I got honorable mention. That makes me so happy ~ I spent a couple days writing the lyrics, but whenever I look back on them, I wonder how I was able to make everything rhyme and still be able to express my feelings about TVXQ ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

But I sang the song, so I’m sorry for my horrible voice ;-;

Don’t be offended by anything, I didn’t mean any harm. I’m a HUGE YunJae/JaeHo/윤재/재호 fan, so if you don’t like gay themes/yaoi, then don’t bother bashing since I’ve warned you!