Dream Concert 2009 [FanAccount]

Here is my fan account about…Dream Concert 2009 in Seoul, Korea!

First off, I have to thank Heike (from LiveJournal) for putting out a post about a free DC ticket that she was giving away. She would choose who would get it and she chose me which I’m so grateful for!

Anyways, I met Heike at around 2PM at Myeongdong Station, exit 3. We headed straight for the stadium and when we got there, there were soooo many people! It was fun! I got all these free cards (I guess advertising for the fanclubs or something? Not really sure since I don’t understand much Korean XD).

So, we went into the stadium at around 3:30. They weren’t checking any bags or anything for cameras, so no need for sneaking in a camera. On the gmarket website that has the rules and whatnot for DC2009, it says that cameras and mp3s are allowed in as long as they aren’t in use. People caught filming will be taken away from the concert, yet I saw soooo many people obviously recording, whether it’s with their cellphone up in the air to record the sound or just not taking any precautions in filming. I didn’t record any of the earlier performances because of fear of getting caught but more towards the end I wasn’t afraid to record because there was barely any security guards looking for people with cameras. The security was so loose compared to what I heard about at previous concerts where security is super tight about recording.

The stadium audience was all divided. On the right side of the stadium, it was filled with YG Ent. supporters, mainly Big Bang. The middle part of the stadium was filled with SM Ent. artist supports (SuJu, SHINee, SNSD, DBSK). The left part was mainly made up of the outcasts XP I mean the ones who don’t have as large of a fanbase at the concert, like KARA and 2PM. It was scattered on that part.

I don’t quite remember the whole performance list in order or anything, so I’ll just type about the memorable groups and performances in the concert. My seat wasn’t the best place though, so I couldn’t really see the performers that well. But hey, it was still fun ^^ Anyways:

SHINee: I’m actually not a really huge SHINee fan, though I do like Replay, but the SM Ent. area that wasn’t the balcony (the middle balcony part was ALL E.L.Fs) was mainly made up of SHINee fans and DANG, they scream LOUD. Seriously, I thought  my eardrums were going to burst from their screams when SHINee came out and performed. I was actually surprised by the amount of fans. Not that I think SHINee sucks or anything, but their music is rather repetitive and sort of boring (just my opinion) so I was surprised, but glad, that they had a large fanbase ^^

Chaeyeon: Yeah, I don’t really like her music, clothing concept, nothing, but when you hear her perform LIVE it’s a lot more enjoyable than on TV or the internet. I wouldn’t mind Chaeyeon if I coudl always see her performances LIVE XD She actually sounds better when you hear her with your own ears than through the stereo 😡

Wheesung: I always thought his title as Korea’s ‘best live singer’ was a bunch of BS and not true, but he sings LIVE really well! It’s weird, on TV he sounds nasally and it’s almost unbearable for me but LIVE he sounds very pleasant to the ears ~

4Minute: I love this group and music, but them LIVE is a different story. The girl who sings the “ALIVE ~” part needs to not sing it or something, her high pitch on that part kind of hurt my ears which left a very memorable…memory XP

2PM: I felt very sad…because there was no Jay…they all performed well but it was still sad since Jay wasn’t there T-T

Super Junior M: The song ‘Super Girl’ was freakin’ awesome. No other words are needed to describe their awesome performance.

Jewlery: Everyone performed very well, vocal-wise, but Jewelry really disappointed me. I’d like to think they had microphone problems but I don’t think so. If they did then I’ll feel better but if not, then I’m disappointed. Their voices weren’t strong and they sounded off pitch a lot.

MC Mong: He had the best stage presence out of all the performers. I don’t think he had a lot of hardcore fans or anything at the concert, but everyone enjoyed his music and performance enough where they’d wave their glowsticks/balloons and chant along with certain parts. There was a really great energy throughout all his performances and I was surprised in a good way since I hadn’t MC Mong to be that awesome 🙂

Kim Tae Woo: OH MY F-ING GOODNESS, HIS VOICE IS FROM HEAVEN. I heard his LIVE singing through the TV before of the song ‘Love Rain’ and thought he sang good, but hearing it LIVE was just SO FREAKIN’ AMAZING. He truely sings well ~

KARA – This was actually the first group that caught my eye since the concert started. First off, their clothing chocie was good because I could see them because of the bright blue pants, and second of all they did really well. I don’t know, they  just somehow got my attention, in a good way. On a random note, I’m jealous of their booty dance because they do it so well ~

2NE1 – Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh, 2NE1!!! Wow, they have so many fans!!! I won’t be surprised if their solo concert that they might have this year will go well and sell out quickly. Their singing was average. nothing overly special or bad, just bearable/listenable.

SNSD: DANG, them fanboys scream LOUD. It was kind of funny seeing teenage to adult guys wearing pink pins and/or holding up pink, heart-shaped balloons XD

G-Dragon: His clothes really caught my attention because it’s nothing like his Heartbreaker album concept. Still though, I think it was pretty cool, what he wore for his Heartbreaker performance. I had a lot of fun watching his performance.

Big Bang: Because they’re awesome, I’ll mention them, though I honestly right now can’t remember much XD

Super Junior: WERE F-ING AWESOME and HOT! HOT HOT HOT HOOOOOOT. I couldn’t stop waving both my pearl blue balloon and glowstick while they were performing. I used to think 13 was a ridiculous number for a boygroup but heck, they are 13 HOT people so it’s all good :3

That’s all I remember, so here are some fanclub sign pics:

I’ll probably add more info later or something, right now I’m sooooo tired so yeah…X_X