Big Bang’s T.O.P on 2% Juice Can

I’m a huge DBSK lover, don’t get me wrong, but Big Bang is what got my into K-Pop. With ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’ being one of the first K-Pop songs I heard and got hooked onto, it’s no surprise that Big Bang would still have some sort of impact on me, fangirl-wise.

Anyways, so my mom went to the store to buy my brother some juice and later on, before I cleaned the table of trash, I happened to spot a half-empty 2% can (for those who don’t know, 2% is a juice brand in Korea). When I picked it up to throw it away, I spotted TOP *o* Let me tell you, I almost died since T.O.P is my MOST FAVORITE BIG BANG MEMBER OF ALL TIME. I knew they were promoting 2% and actually, while hanging out with friends, I bought a can (without knowing Big Bang was on it) with both Seungri and another member on it (sorry, I wasn’t paying much attention since I was too busy fangirling over the fact I got something with Big Bang on it ^^;  It might have been GD…), but I wasn’t expecting my little brother to get a can of 2% with TOP on it!

As a fangirl, I couldn’t resist taking pics of the can. Maybe one day I’ll go to the store and buy all the cans of each member…just because XP