Superstar K Results

I just finished watching the latest ep. of SuperStar K (the 1st official ep. where the top 10 perform on a stage like American Idol) and I have to say I am absolutely SHOCKED and OUTRAGED by the results! The judges vote on each performance but it’s mostly the viewers’ votes that determine who moves to the next round, and the viewers vote during the show, so at the end all of that is tallied up and the top 8 move forward while two fail.

The girl who performed first (sorry, I don’t really understand/read Korean so I don’t know her name) was absolutely amazing and I could honestly imagine her on a real stage sing LIVE. The fact that she didn’t even make it to the next round really upset me. I almost feel like crying. It felt like a horrible twist of fate, where I thought she’d definately be in the finals and make it as a pro, and then to realize that it won’t happen. I feel like the votes were wrong and that they’re making a horrible choice. UGH, I don’t make much sense now but I’m just really frustrated and confused on how she didn’t make it to at least the next round. There were definately a lot of people who I thought should have gone home instead of her.


I guess I’ll get over it eventually but really, it’s just really shocking. She has a lot of talent and I hope that she’ll prove those voters who didn’t vote for her wrong by being one of the best, or something like that (I wish I had known about the voting before instead of after the show, I would have definately voted for her).

I’ll try to post the ep. when it’s uploaded onto YT or some other site.


팥빙수 Patbingsu

A yummy summer treat that you MUST have if you’re in Korea:

팥빙수 patbingsu (red-beaned dessert/snack)

Soooooo delicious in the summertime! With shaved ice, red beans, small dduk, milk, fruit, and ice cream/yogurt, it’s simply yummy. Of course, different places puts different stuff, but that’s what it basically consists of. My favorite place to buy 팥빙수 is at Paris Baguette. They come with all that I named above, plus with some corn flakes! So if you’re ever in Korea during the summer time, ask for this treat at this French bakery! Though of course, patbingsu is available at a lot of other places ^^ They have these in the convienence stores (like Family Mart, 7 Eleven, etc.) but those taste really gross, especially when compared with the real deal (the ones over there aren’t made fresh, they’re premade and put into packages). Plus, they don’t come with the good stuff, only condensed milk, red beans, and shaved ice.

Korean Food I’m Craving For Right Now

I’ve been craving for some specific Korean food so I decided to blog about it! Although it might make me hungrier, I don’t care! I just want some of this Korean food that I’ll name below:

돈까스 donkkasseu (fried pork cutlet)

It’s a Korean-fied version of schnitzel, though I know that the Japanese also eat this, just under a different, yet similar, name. The pic above is how Koreans usually serve it (or at least at the place where I get take-out does). The side dishes come with some kimpbap, fried fish, and sometimes they’ll have corn or coleslaw.

김치찌개 kimchi chigae/jjigae (kimchi stew)

Yum yum yum! You can add anything into this stew, some spam, onions, tofu, whatever you want! Using old kimchi tastes the best when brewing this stew ~

Nassun’s New Haircut?!


I seriously CANNOT imagine this guy:

…who rapped for Hyori in ‘U-Go-Girl’, to end up actually looking like this:

DANG, he’s cute! I mean, maybe not exactly the best out there, but compared to his old hairstyle, I have to say this is a big improvement and surprise! I used to think he looked pretty weird and old, but now he definately looks younger and less like a rich hobo.

I hope to see more of him now! Before I really disliked him, but now that I think of it, it wasn’t because of lack of rapping talent or anything, it was mostly his appearance that threw me off and left me disinterested.

Though I think his old look was a sort of trademark of his. I’m afraid I won’t be able to recognize him anymore . It’s possible this could affect his carreer if others can’t recognize him as well,but I guess that’s just some of the cons when you get a new look to look normal!

Anyways, here are some pics to reminense on the horrible days when Nassun had long hair:

Who knew under all that long, permed hair and goatee, there would be a cutie?

Modern Hanboks

A hanbok is a traditional Korean dress:

For as long as I could remember, I loved hanboks. I’ve actually never worn one (well, I did when I was 100 days old, but that’s a Korean traditional and honestly, I don’t remember that so it doesn’t count), but there’s this beauty and essence of the hanbok that appeals to me. Sure, maybe I’d never wear it in public unless it’s with or amongst Koreans, but I still find it beautiful.

When I was watching a music show, KARA was performing when I saw them with most prettiest, cutest outfits ever. MODERNIZED HANBOKS! I’ve heard of hanboks being modernized but was honestly not interested until I saw KARA wear one.

I’m seriously digging everything about this style of modern hanbok. The shade of pink, the design in the skirt and jeogori, length of skirt, style of the skirt, and even the little accesories like what’s in the hair and on their jeogori.

After seeing KARA wear modern hanboks, I started my search to find modern hanboks with the kind of flair that I liked.

This is one that I find truely beautiful and inspiring. The earth tones and way the skirt was layered just leaves me speechless at the pure beauty. Whenever I see this hanbok I think of the different elements and life of nature. Sky, flower, water, earth. There’s so much life in this modern hanbok that never seizes to amaze me. Even the position of the bow flatters the dress.

I had no idea SNSD had also worn modern hanboks! Although these aren’t ones that I’m completely in love with, you have to admit that the hanboks are rather cute. I find that modern hanboks with shorter skirts (ones that don’t cover the legs completly) leaves a cute, girlish image that makes me wish I could buy one too! And the shoes in this picture definately top it all off!

Is it just me or does Taeyeon kind of remind you of Kikyou from Inuyasha here in this picture? I guess it’s just the clothes and bangs that are making me think that…not that I think that’s bad! It’s just something I wanted to point out. I like the touch of gold trim/print on the bottom because that gives a traditional feel.
I really like the way the top/jeogori was made in this. It looks very modern and feminine.
I also like the way this top looks. Plus the fabric design in the skirt is so pretty!
I find this one really cute because it almost looks like a traditional hanbok, yet you can tell it isn’t one. I can’t really describe it, but I definately find it cute. Especially the color scheme.
This is my favorite one out of the bunch. The way the skirt looks pleated and so naturally wrinkled, yet still elegent despite that, has a nice vintage/old feel. I also like the puffed sleeves. I don’t normally enjoy the salmon shade of pink that the skirt has, but in this outfit it works well.
Overall, a traditional looking hanbok with modern touches here and there that makes it unique.
A nice bubbly modern hanbok that fits Tiffany’s image well.
I don’t know why, but I get a sort of Chinese vibe from this modern hanbok. I guess it might be because of the vibrant red with a top that has a Chinese influence feel to it? But I’m in no way hating on this nice modern hanbok!
Besides Jessica’s hanbok, I also love this one! I think it’s something about how the colors match so well together, with the print on the whole hanbok adding a nice touch it it.  
Please do not think that I was hating on some of the members because I didn’t say much about their hanboks. I like some of the modern hanboks more than others but that doesn’t mean I dislike any of the members of SNSD. Please no bashing about their personality. This is a blog article about their modern hanboks, NOT how they act and whatnot.
If you have any pics or tips about more female Korean celebs wearing modern hanboks,  just leave a comment about it!
Also, this is all my opinion! I am in NO WAY a professional hanbok critic or anything.  I’m just a half Korean girl who loves to embrace her Korean side and share her views with others 🙂

Haircut experience results with some DBSK fangirling

I was getting my hair cut the other day when I noticed a familiar song playing in the hairshop while the guy was cutting my hair.

It was killing me that I couldn’t quite place what the song was since it was super familiar, but halfway though the song it struck me; it was ‘Stand By U’ by Tohoshinki!

It was totally unexpected since this is a hair cutting salon IN Korea. I never expected them to play a Japanese song! Afterwards, I kept my ears open for any more Tohoshinki or J-Pop songs, but none. ‘Stand By U’ was the only Japanese song they played while I was there.

Reason I didn’t recongize the song immediately is because I actually haven’t heard the song in it’s entirety, nonetheless listening to it at all unless it’s on accident (because you know how the BigEast station will play it sometimes and when they’re on variety shows there will be a little preview of the song).

The reason why I haven’t heard ‘Stand By U’ yet is because I’m waiting to purchase the album. If I listen to a song online then I’m extremely tempted to download it and thus, I won’t feel like buying the album. I’m a fan who can’t help but want to buy the albums ^^

In Korea, DBSK’s Japanese albums won’t be released until nearly a month after the Jap. release, so I have to wait for the Korean ver. to come out before I can buy any of their Jap. albums.

On a random note, the guy who was cutting my hair started talking to me in Korean and although I had an idea of what he was saying, I couldn’t reply since my Korean is limited when talking (I can understand more than I can speak XP). It was funny since he asked me something in Korean and in English I replied, “Err…I speak English. Not Korean.” and I don’t think he understood, though maybe he got that I didn’t speak Korean? 

My mom was there with me since she’s the one who’s sort of like a translator for me XD (you know, since she’s Korean and speaks the language?), so he asked my mom why I didn’t speak Korean and she told him that I was from the USA. Then he asked her who she was to me (okay, bad wording, but I don’t know how to word it more politely. Only that he was asking what sort of relationship we had?) and she said we were mother-daughter. I think he seemed shocked since he didn’t expect a Korean woman to have a daughter who didn’t speak Korean XPPP 

And that was my haircutting experience here in Korea. It was fun since they served free drink and it came in glass cups shaped like a woman’s nude body (the boobs, butt, and everything XD Well, it wasn’t detailed, just sort of the outline of the body, but my immature little brothers found it hilarious. I would have taken a pic but I didn’t have my camera that time :()

Weird Korean English

So, for those who live in Korea, you should know that a lot of the English phrases that are on shirts, items, etc. usually makes no sense or is utterly ridiculous.

I remember once I saw a guy wearing a shirt saying “My boyfriend is hotter than yours”. Oh that poor, poor, boy. I’m 99% sure he had no idea what that shirt said XD

Another few instances was when I saw girls wearing shirts that would be a plain color and then in HUGE, BOLD letters the word “F*CK” or some other profanity would be spelled on her shirt. That was a pretty shocking thing too XD

The weirdes yet was when Helena and I were shopping, we saw a sweater that said “Abortion Clinic Staff”. Yeah, I’ve seen some pretty weird stuff, but this was yet the weirdest of them all. And so, to remember this forever, I took a picture! Yay ~

Helena holding up the hoodie.

Helena holding up the hoodie.

A closer look at the words

A closer look at the words

[RANDOM] Meeting a Korean Guy Who Doesn’t Like Pictures

A couple weeks ago, I went over to my friend’s (Helena) house. Her mom’s friend’s son was boarding at her house since it’s the Korean winter holidays and for Koreans, their winter break is a month long or so. His name is Myungjin (I think) but since I can never remember, I just called him Bob XD He’s the same age as Helena and I (somewhere around 14, 15, or 16).

Anyways, he’s staying at her house to get a feel of how Americans live. He doesn’t talk much and usually ignores Helena, resulting in her bullying him, LOL. She’s a tomboy so yeah, it’s normal for her. Well, that day when I went over to her house, Bob’s friend and his friend’s two sisters came over. Having my camera, I thought it might be fun to take pictures.

Heres Helena.

Here's Helena.

Here she is bullying Bob *poor Bob...*

Here she is bullying Bob *poor Bob...* You can see how much fun she has bullying others XD

Unfortunately, Bob doesn’t like pictures.

Here’s what happens when you try to take pictures of an unwilling participant:

(Bob resorts to hiding behind his friend, who doesn’t like pictures too XD)
There’s more pictures, but I’m too lazy to post them all. After many failed tries, we gave up, but then we surprised him and *SNAP*, we got a picture!
ROFL, this isn’t a very good picture of him, but it was the only one where we could see his face! Sorry Bob if you ever see this, hopefully no one you know will see this picture!
I kinda felt bad about bothering Bob and how he always gets bothered by Helena, so I’m hoping that before he goes back, we’ll be able to take him to a noraebang (karaoke room). Sort of as a small way to repay him, plus, Helena says he doesn’t talk so going noraebanging is a good idea. Then again, he might make just us sing…*starts worrying*.
Uwaaah ~