Weird Korean English

So, for those who live in Korea, you should know that a lot of the English phrases that are on shirts, items, etc. usually makes no sense or is utterly ridiculous.

I remember once I saw a guy wearing a shirt saying “My boyfriend is hotter than yours”. Oh that poor, poor, boy. I’m 99% sure he had no idea what that shirt said XD

Another few instances was when I saw girls wearing shirts that would be a plain color and then in HUGE, BOLD letters the word “F*CK” or some other profanity would be spelled on her shirt. That was a pretty shocking thing too XD

The weirdes yet was when Helena and I were shopping, we saw a sweater that said “Abortion Clinic Staff”. Yeah, I’ve seen some pretty weird stuff, but this was yet the weirdest of them all. And so, to remember this forever, I took a picture! Yay ~

Helena holding up the hoodie.

Helena holding up the hoodie.

A closer look at the words

A closer look at the words


HIMEKA’s Single “明日へのキズナ”/”Asu e no Kizuna”

Artist: HIMEKA
Single: Asu e no Kizuna (明日へのキズナ)
Catalog Number: SICL-215
Price: ¥1,260
Release Date: May 27th, 2009

1. Asu e no Kizuna (明日へのキズナ; Bonds to Tomorrow)
2. Sayonara Solitaire (さよならソリティア; Farewell, Solitude)
3. Asu e no Kizuna ~Instrumental~

The tracklist is finally released. I confused about the song name because “明日” is read “ashita” or “asu” but I’ll go with “asu” because she is singing “asu e no kizuna” in the song. The B-side “ソリティア” is “solitaire” but I think it is a French word because HIMEKA (real name is Catherine St-Onge) is from Quebec, Canada. I think this song isn’t as strong as “Breakin’ through” (last year’s winner Shuhei Kita’s debut) but it is still good. I hope HIMEKA will make a good debut, Japanese music industry is hard…

credits: myheartstation.wordpress


Please support HIMEKA by purchasing her single either at or by buying it at any places that it is available.

HIMEKA was a singer who covered Japanese songs on Youtube and is now an upcomming artist hoping to break through the Japanese music industry. As a fan of hers during her YT days, I’m proud to be a fan and I truely believe she’s a huge inspiration to those who love to sing yet feel like there’s no use to try to pursue your dreams and goals.

I’m definately going to purchase her single once it’s released! Hopefully they’ll sell it in a Korean music store (since Korean music stores will sometimes sell Japanese music) but then again, I might have to order it online instead.

She joined some sort of singing contest and won, thus being able to debut as a singer. You can watch her contest stages here:

credits: from Youtube: HIMEKAMediaArchive

You can find her song/single in the anime OP of Valkyria Chronicles.

credits: from Youtube: baytony


Update: Bought and recieved my purchase of the album 🙂