Skin79 Haul/Mini-Review

My Skin79 beauty haul!

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I got this way back in the summer while I was in Seoul, in July I think. I haven’t done a review in awhile since I forgot where the pictures on my computer were till now.

I ordered this from G-Market and I had only ordered the Gold BB Cream, but in Korea always give away special freebies with your beauty purchases so my one order of Gold BB Cream included 4 mini Pink BB creams, 1 mini-rose lip gloss, and many beauty samples. This was all for just 23,000won (so roughly $20?). I think that’s a very good, reasonable price for all these products^^

pink bb cream

For the Gold BB cream, I had tried it before, so I already knew what to expect. But I had never tried the Pink BB cream, and now I really love the Pink BB cream more than the Gold one. The Gold BB cream is much more oily, which is good if you have dry skin or for the winter time when the air dries out your skin, but since my skin is already quite oily, it made my skin look more oily. Even when I powdered over it, a couple hours later it looks oily and the BB cream look more apparent on my face.

For the Pink BB cream, it’s less oily but still gives my face good moisture and it’s a good balancing formula. The BB cream isn’t that thick or heavy and it applies quite smoothly. I really do prefer the pink one and recommend it for people who have oily skin. I also think it made me break out less and helped a bit with my break outs!

bb cream

The free beauty samples I got with my order included other BB creams, including an Orange BB cream and some sort of Gold Snail BB cream. I heard for moisturizers, companies use snail goo, so it’s actually rather healthy and good for your sin. I think the Gold Snail BB cream is more focused on older skin, like anti-wrinkling and moisturizing (since older skin tend to be more dry, making it more likely to wrinkle). Of course, all the BB creams are anti-wrinkle and such, but I think the Snail one is more focused on that aspect than the other BB creams.

I’m not sure what the Orange BB cream is for, but I think it’s just for people who are more sweaty because of a busy, active lifestyle? Hahaha I am not too sure since my mom tried the Orange and Snail BB cream. She said the shade was a bit darker than her skin tone, so she preferred the Gold one over the Orange one. I don’t know if she ever tried the Snail one or not.

BB cream cleanser

I also received a loooooot of samples of Skin79’s BB cleanser, meant to be a cleanser for BB cream. I have to say, after using the samples I loved it so much that I ordered the actual full-sized product and I LOVE it! I didn’t take any pictures of me using the product, the at first it’s like a smooth gel-consistency that when you put onto your face, it turns into a bubbly foam. I usually use about three, sometimes four, squirts at the end of the day when I’m cleaning my face. It cleans off the BB cream without drying out my skin and it doesn’t make me break out at all. My skin is really acne-prone and although this product didn’t mention being for acne-prone skin, it doesn’t cause breakouts.

A definite recommendation for those who want to clean off their BB cream (I think it’d work well with foundation too, although I haven’t tried). I also used it to clean off mascara from my lashes and it does that too! Love it~ The only thing it can’t really clean is eyeliner since that’s way too near my eyes and I wouldn’t want to risk getting that bubbly foam in my eye.

This is my mini-review of my Skin79 haul. If you ever tried any of these products, let me know how they worked for you! I’m curious to know if anyone had as many good experiences with Skin79’s products as me or not~ Or I guess if you have any questions about the products just ask and I’ll try to answer^^