SNSD Shirts

I was in Myeongdong yesterday and everytime I went to Myeongdong, I noticed a lot of people carrying bags with the SPAO logo (to show that they purchased something from there) and it got me curious, so I decided to check out SPAO.


The clothes are colorful, fresh, and simple. Forever21 was my favorite place to shop in Myeongdong but now I love SPAO (the fact that SNSD and Super Junior are endorsers really help too ^-^).

I bought two SNSD shirts and a pair of jeans ~ I would have loved to have bought all the SNSD clothing (like the adorable bright minis and jackets) but alas, too expensive. Also, their Oh! number shirts were too short and looked weird on me =/ oh well XD

The official SPAO site ( doesn’t have the shirts in their catalogue, weird. Oh well, mine were both short-sleeved, one being yellow with all nice member profile shots drawn onto the shirt in a cute cartoon style, another shirt was a cream color with Jessica’s face cartoon drawing on it. SUPER CUTE X3 Jessica is my fave SNSD member so I was glad to get it, plus, they only had two members (Sooyoung and Jessica) so I went with Jessica’s, especially since her shirt looked cuter ^^

Here’s the closest pic I could find of my shirts:

(The shirt Taeyeon is wearing is the one I have in yellow, the one Sica is wearing is the one I have, only her head is smaller and there are some words on it)

If you live in Korea, check out SPAO! It’s a great place to shop for the basics to add some color and flair into your wardrobe without being too overwhelming 🙂

UPDATE: Found a pic of my Jessica shirt! Thank goodness I saw it while browsing today’s (or maybe it was yesterday’s?) encore concert of SNSD’s.


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