Etude House Beauty Haul (50% off!)

Today I went to Etude House and it happened to be the first day of their summer sale. They had some products that ranged from 20% off to 50% off, so I obviously HAD to go shopping because who doesn’t like amazing beauty products that are on sale?


The reason I went to Etude House was because my normal AC Clinic skin routine toner and moisturizer (you can learn more about my acne-prone skin routine care by clicking here) ran out so I needed some backup until I could order more online/find new products that I liked.  And it was also very lucky that Etude House’s AC Clinic line was part of the 50% off sale!  I never tried the products before but was always interested since I heard some good things about it.


The products were originally around the 8,000won – 11,000won range, but half off was such a bargain. I mean seriously, my whole haul would have cost 71,000won, but with all the deals and sales they had, it was only 31,000won (ㅇ_ㅇ)!! (the 40,000won is because I paid with two 20,000won bills, just incase you may have been confused about the receipt)


Beside the AC Clinic line, I also purchased some spray sunscreen (50% off),  floral deodorant mist (also 50% off. I was curious since I’ve never tried Korean deodorant, plus it was only a couple dollars because of the sale), nail polish (the only full-priced product I bought. I wanted to buy their ice cream cone nail polish that so many beauty gurus have raved about, but decided not to since I already purchased a lot of stuff), and random beauty accessories (such as eye liner brush, nail dotting tool, etc. since it was 20% off).





When I’ve used the products long enough I may make some reviews about them, but for now I’m just so happy to have gone shopping, gotten some new beauty products, all while saving a lot of money~ Can’t wait to try them all out^^ Let me know if any of you guys have tried any of these products and your experience with them!