[INFO] DBSK Fanclub Amounts to 1 Million+

Even though we already know the amount more or less, but seeing the real figure is amazing
817,590 + 212,022 = 1,029,612

And this amount is only for fans in Korea, excluding us international fans ^^

Heads-up: chunjess @Soompi
Credits: Baidu + xietinloveshero, tvxq_luv @Shinki! Forums

WOW!!!!! That’s so amazing! 1 million Korean fans?!?! Dang, that isn’t even including BigEast and international fans. But seeing this number makes me feel sad. Why? Well, Japan has their own official fanclub and I wish TVXQ had an official international fanclub, instead of us being referred as just international fans. Well, I heard they did have an official international fanclub, but it’s not as good. I guess it’s because the international fans are spread all over the world unlike BigEast and the Cassies?

Oh well, either way, I’m proud and happy for DBSK!  I hope they’ll keep succeeding more and more ~