My Opinion about Z.HERA (debut)

Recently, Z.HERA (real name: Ji Hye Rin) made her debut with “Peacock” and as I’m typing this, a video of her first LIVE performance was released on YouTube. 


Some background info about Z.HERA: 

According to ALLKPOP, during her younger years she was trained in Shaolin martial arts in China and was featured in a Korean documentary program in 2006 called ‘Human Theater’. Known as “Shaolin girl”, the 11-year-old stated on the program that she wanted to become a singer.

Now fast forward to 6 years later, and she’s now made her debut in the KPOP scene. 

She reminds me a bit of BoA with the slightly nasally voice, yet prominent (not the same as ‘strong’) vocals. This is all being said positively. Plus, her voice just has this unique tone that I’m enjoying a lot. And with her song “Peacock,” it’s music style is reminiscent of an older KPOP style (around the early 2000s). I really enjoy her debut song and image. She’s still young and her voice sounds like it as well, but it’s refreshing to hear a style of music that hasn’t been heard in awhile (yet is by no means outdated). Since I have only her very first debut performance to go by for LIVE vocals, she’s on-pitch and sounds nearly identical with the studio vocals. So it’s good to know she does have music talent. She’s still a bit shaky but in her defense, she did a lot of dancing and only just debuted. And with all the smiling she did she seemed a bit nervous.

But nonetheless with what I’ve seen so far, I’m anticipating more LIVE performances and seeing/hearing improvement and hoping she won’t just fall out of the KPOP scene, although it seems likely to happen since right now the industry is being overrun by boy idol groups. Also, just being a female solo singer is already making her chances harder of succeeding. But hopefully she has what it takes, because I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for her in the KPOP music scene. 

(clicking the links below will open a new tab, so go check out her M/V and LIVE performance debut! Also check out her mini-album ‘Z.HERA Born.’)