Haircut experience results with some DBSK fangirling

I was getting my hair cut the other day when I noticed a familiar song playing in the hairshop while the guy was cutting my hair.

It was killing me that I couldn’t quite place what the song was since it was super familiar, but halfway though the song it struck me; it was ‘Stand By U’ by Tohoshinki!

It was totally unexpected since this is a hair cutting salon IN Korea. I never expected them to play a Japanese song! Afterwards, I kept my ears open for any more Tohoshinki or J-Pop songs, but none. ‘Stand By U’ was the only Japanese song they played while I was there.

Reason I didn’t recongize the song immediately is because I actually haven’t heard the song in it’s entirety, nonetheless listening to it at all unless it’s on accident (because you know how the BigEast station will play it sometimes and when they’re on variety shows there will be a little preview of the song).

The reason why I haven’t heard ‘Stand By U’ yet is because I’m waiting to purchase the album. If I listen to a song online then I’m extremely tempted to download it and thus, I won’t feel like buying the album. I’m a fan who can’t help but want to buy the albums ^^

In Korea, DBSK’s Japanese albums won’t be released until nearly a month after the Jap. release, so I have to wait for the Korean ver. to come out before I can buy any of their Jap. albums.

On a random note, the guy who was cutting my hair started talking to me in Korean and although I had an idea of what he was saying, I couldn’t reply since my Korean is limited when talking (I can understand more than I can speak XP). It was funny since he asked me something in Korean and in English I replied, “Err…I speak English. Not Korean.” and I don’t think he understood, though maybe he got that I didn’t speak Korean? 

My mom was there with me since she’s the one who’s sort of like a translator for me XD (you know, since she’s Korean and speaks the language?), so he asked my mom why I didn’t speak Korean and she told him that I was from the USA. Then he asked her who she was to me (okay, bad wording, but I don’t know how to word it more politely. Only that he was asking what sort of relationship we had?) and she said we were mother-daughter. I think he seemed shocked since he didn’t expect a Korean woman to have a daughter who didn’t speak Korean XPPP 

And that was my haircutting experience here in Korea. It was fun since they served free drink and it came in glass cups shaped like a woman’s nude body (the boobs, butt, and everything XD Well, it wasn’t detailed, just sort of the outline of the body, but my immature little brothers found it hilarious. I would have taken a pic but I didn’t have my camera that time :()


HIMEKA’s Single “明日へのキズナ”/”Asu e no Kizuna”

Artist: HIMEKA
Single: Asu e no Kizuna (明日へのキズナ)
Catalog Number: SICL-215
Price: ¥1,260
Release Date: May 27th, 2009

1. Asu e no Kizuna (明日へのキズナ; Bonds to Tomorrow)
2. Sayonara Solitaire (さよならソリティア; Farewell, Solitude)
3. Asu e no Kizuna ~Instrumental~

The tracklist is finally released. I confused about the song name because “明日” is read “ashita” or “asu” but I’ll go with “asu” because she is singing “asu e no kizuna” in the song. The B-side “ソリティア” is “solitaire” but I think it is a French word because HIMEKA (real name is Catherine St-Onge) is from Quebec, Canada. I think this song isn’t as strong as “Breakin’ through” (last year’s winner Shuhei Kita’s debut) but it is still good. I hope HIMEKA will make a good debut, Japanese music industry is hard…

credits: myheartstation.wordpress


Please support HIMEKA by purchasing her single either at or by buying it at any places that it is available.

HIMEKA was a singer who covered Japanese songs on Youtube and is now an upcomming artist hoping to break through the Japanese music industry. As a fan of hers during her YT days, I’m proud to be a fan and I truely believe she’s a huge inspiration to those who love to sing yet feel like there’s no use to try to pursue your dreams and goals.

I’m definately going to purchase her single once it’s released! Hopefully they’ll sell it in a Korean music store (since Korean music stores will sometimes sell Japanese music) but then again, I might have to order it online instead.

She joined some sort of singing contest and won, thus being able to debut as a singer. You can watch her contest stages here:

credits: from Youtube: HIMEKAMediaArchive

You can find her song/single in the anime OP of Valkyria Chronicles.

credits: from Youtube: baytony


Update: Bought and recieved my purchase of the album 🙂