[REVIEW] Angel Aqua Moisture CC Cream

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I last posted anything, nonetheless review any products, but my experience with the ANGEL AQUA Moisture CC Cream is something I must share.

I went to Olive Young (Korea’s equivalent of Sephora) in Myeongdong looking for a new BB or CC cream to try out. Recently my skin has been improving thanks to the treatments and advice from my dermatologist. My dermatologist had recommended me to stop using the BB cream I had been using previously and to find a new one, so that’s how I ended up in Olive Young.

Because of language barriers, I wasn’t able to tell the sales lady my skin type or any specifics, but she recommended the ANGEL AQUA Moisture CC Cream since a lot of Koreans use it and it was one of their more popular CC creams.

From the little English that was on the box, this CC cream seemed like a really great choice. It boasts of:

  • SPF25, PA++
  • Ethanol-free
  • Tar colorants-free
  • Mineral oil-free
  • Animal origins ingredients-free
  • Chemical fragrance-free
  • 55% Water Content

On the side of the box it also says:

  • Dermatologically-tested
  • Paraben-free
  • Against animal testing

I have very sensitive, combination acne-prone skin, and all of these sounded really good with no fragrances or other chemicals and ingredients that are irritating and pore-clogging.

Plus this was animal-cruelty free, a really great bonus (I’m assuming it’s also a vegan makeup product since it claims no animal ingredients, but I can’t be 100% sure).

I ended up buying this CC cream. For 15,000won (roughly $15) for 45mL, this is a really great price for any sort of BB/CC cream or foundation in general.

The first couple days I used this CC cream was AMAZING. Although it has such a high water content (something I feared would not help with my oily skin), with a great primer and finishing powder, this stayed matte for HOURS. I went through a whole day (12 hours) wearing this CC cream and it didn’t budge or get nastily oily at all! I didn’t even have to blot since it didn’t look oily or gross by the end of the day.

Also, this CC cream blended so well and changed into my skin tone, making it look so natural like second skin. It even covered up my marks and redness really well. I really thought I had found my magic go-to CC cream.

It wasn’t until after the first few days that I started noticing some changes that my skin was going through. Although I do have combination skin with oily parts, I noticed that my skin stopped reacting well to the CC cream. It started getting oily very quickly (despite using primer and finishing powder, and also changing my primer/bases and finishing powders to see if it’d help). It looked really gross and to blot and pat on more powder made it look even grosser and didn’t help my skin condition.

And worst of all, I started getting little bumps all over my forehead and nose. They are not acne bumps, but an allergic reaction/irritation. I’ve NEVER in my life ever broken out or had a pimple on my nose or forehead, so for me to have tiny clusters of pimple-like bumps was so scary.

At first I thought it was a bad reaction to the new makeup remover I was using (since I started using that around the same time I started using the CC cream), but even after switching and using a different remover, my skin was getting worse. I finally realized it was the CC cream. Somehow my oil production on my face increased after using the CC cream and my skin just didn’t react well to it. I wanted to believe it wasn’t the CC cream because of it’s benefits and claims of having very little bad ingredients (like fragrances and mineral oils and such), but after stopping the use of that CC cream and switching to a BB cream, I realized it was the CC Cream.

Now I don’t want to completely slam or hate on this product. Reading the ingredients list, there are still a ton of ingredients and chemicals that I have no idea what they are (but that’s the same for any beauty product). It also contains a lot of citrus products, such as lemon peel oil and various citrus fruit extracts, which I think may have irritated my skin due to the acidity. Of course, it’s not high acidity (or else it wouldn’t go on your face), but I haven’t had any beauty products that contained so many citrus-like chemicals and ingredients, so that may have been a factor. Also, I’m not a bit citrus fruit/smell person.

Like I said, I DON’T COMPLETELY HATE THE PRODUCT. I’m just saying this product did not work well for me. My mother has normal skin (not overly oily or dry, so lucky!) and she absolutely LOVES this CC cream. I’ve also read/watched some reviews of people who had positive experiences with the CC Cream.

I wish I could love this CC cream again, but my reaction to it was just so bad. I have no idea why my skin would not tolerate this CC cream formula, but I don’t discourage others from trying it out. My first initial reaction was so wonderful and to know others who’ve tried and liked it (such as my mom) makes me still encourage others to try.

I’m going to give my skin some time to relax and heal and if for some reason, I still have a skin allergy and I feel it wasn’t due to the CC cream, I may give it another try. But it also doesn’t control oil that well (I guess it did at first but my skin quickly got used to it?) so I may not go back. I also wouldn’t recommend this for people with very oily skin or those who live in hot, humid places. If you have sensitive skin that’s combination/normal/dry then I would recommend to try this CC cream.

Quick review if contemplating purchasing this CC Cream:


  • Moisturizing
  • Medium-high coverage
  • Adjusts to any skin tone quickly
  • Blends easily
  • Contains SPF


  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • Has a dewy finish
  • Doesn’t cover pores well
  • Has a citrus-y scent (which may be good or bad, but for me was a slight downside)

If you’ve ever tried or are contemplating trying the ANGEL AQUA Moisture CC Cream, let me know in the comments! I’m curious to see how others think of this CC cream or any questions that you may have.


Etude House Beauty Haul (50% off!)

Today I went to Etude House and it happened to be the first day of their summer sale. They had some products that ranged from 20% off to 50% off, so I obviously HAD to go shopping because who doesn’t like amazing beauty products that are on sale?


The reason I went to Etude House was because my normal AC Clinic skin routine toner and moisturizer (you can learn more about my acne-prone skin routine care by clicking here) ran out so I needed some backup until I could order more online/find new products that I liked.  And it was also very lucky that Etude House’s AC Clinic line was part of the 50% off sale!  I never tried the products before but was always interested since I heard some good things about it.


The products were originally around the 8,000won – 11,000won range, but half off was such a bargain. I mean seriously, my whole haul would have cost 71,000won, but with all the deals and sales they had, it was only 31,000won (ㅇ_ㅇ)!! (the 40,000won is because I paid with two 20,000won bills, just incase you may have been confused about the receipt)


Beside the AC Clinic line, I also purchased some spray sunscreen (50% off),  floral deodorant mist (also 50% off. I was curious since I’ve never tried Korean deodorant, plus it was only a couple dollars because of the sale), nail polish (the only full-priced product I bought. I wanted to buy their ice cream cone nail polish that so many beauty gurus have raved about, but decided not to since I already purchased a lot of stuff), and random beauty accessories (such as eye liner brush, nail dotting tool, etc. since it was 20% off).





When I’ve used the products long enough I may make some reviews about them, but for now I’m just so happy to have gone shopping, gotten some new beauty products, all while saving a lot of money~ Can’t wait to try them all out^^ Let me know if any of you guys have tried any of these products and your experience with them!

My Korean Product Daily Skin Care Routine (Day & Night)

My skin isn’t the most perfect out there. Previously, I suffered from severe cystic acne that thankfully went away (except for the occasional cyst occurring once in awhile and of course, some small pimples that I can deal with compared to cysts). But because my skin is sensitive and very acne-prone, including being combination skin with various parts being dry while others very oily, I’m very picky and careful with what products I use in my daily skin care routine. 

Since I lived in Korea during the time my acne got worse and my mother is Korean, she’s the one who recommended and ordered these Korean skin care products for me. Some were good, others made my skin worse, but I’ve gone through enough products to figure out what I like and didn’t like. Here’s my current routine that doesn’t break me out and keeps my skin hydrated and in top condition:


  • SKIN79 AC Clinic Anti Trouble toner
  • SKIN79 AC Clinic Anti Trouble lotion
  • ISA KNOX MX-II Platinum: Ultra Moisture Cream
  • ISA KNOX MX-11 Platinum: Eye Cream
  • Any lip balm (currently: Yes To Carrots Lip Butter)

The Process:

The first step in my skin care routine is to wash my face. I use various cleansers and rotate between three different ones (depending on the condition of my skin that day), so I won’t name them unless you guys want a review about cleansers. 

After washing my face, I actually don’t dry it with a towel. This is the most important step in keeping your skin hydrated and helping the products absorb into the skin. I keep the skin wet and pat my face to help my skin absorb some of the water. While my face is still wet, I apply one or two quirts of toner in my hands, pat that in the face and while my face is still a bit wet (but not as wet as earlier), I apply two squirts of lotion onto my hands, rub it in my hands to distribute the product evenly in my palms, and pat it into my face.

I learned this trick from a video where Miss A‘s Suzy was explaining her skin care routine. She wets her face and while her face is still wet, rubs some skin oil around her palms and pats it into her face to help it absorb. I tried to look for the interview where she talks about this but I can’t find it, but I’m pretty sure it’s her who said it (if not, I apologize and please correct me about it!).

After that’s properly absorbed into my skin and it feels nice and supple, I deal with my dry areas (my chin and around my nose, sometimes the area between my eyebrows). If those or any other areas are still a bit dry, I’ll use my ISA KNOX cream. This is my day routine, at night it’s the same except I’ll also use eye cream to help reduce eye bags and prevent any future eye wrinkles. 

After all that, I use any lip balm I have near me since my lips become dry and chapped easily. 

Product Reviews:


The AC Clinic Anti Trouble toner’s name is technically just “SKIN79 AC Clinic Anti Trouble” but it is a toner since it states so on the back of the product. It’s supposed to be “promptly absorbed without stickiness” and it’s definitely not sticky, but I’ve never experienced stickiness from a toner so it’s odd that they would state that. Anyways, it contains Unshiu Oil, which is extracted from a type of citrus plant, that helps to keep the skin healthy and clean from environmental factors (such as pollution, dust, etc.). This toner also contains Salicylic Acid (although I don’t know what percentage) to prevent any future breakouts. It’s actually very moisturizing, which is surprising for a toner since I usually experience dryness instead of moisture from any toner after it absorbs into the skin. That’s why I like this toner a lot, doesn’t dry me out, is moisturizing, and smells and feels very refreshing.

The 2nd product from this line is the SKIN79 AC Clinic Anti Trouble Lotion. This product claims to be a “soothing lotion caring trouble by keeping balance of water and oil” (not the best English, but excusable since this is an Asian product and I like it nonetheless). It’s an oil-free gel-type lotion that also contains Unshiu Oil, Beta Glucan (gives nutrients to the skin and make the skin smoother), and Hyluronic Acid (a natural moisturizer). 

This product isn’t too thick or oily and actually absorbs into the skin quickly. It takes care of my normal skin areas (my forehead and cheeks), but for my chin and nose, it’s not moisturizing enough so I also use a cream for that area.





The cream I use is the ISA KNOX MX-II Platinum: Ultra Moisture Cream. Apparently this product is pretty pricey (at least for me, at around $35USD), but my mom is the one who tried this ISA KNOX line, liked it, and bought the set for me to also try out. I also really love it. It smells wonderful (not that is has any artificial fragrances, but that it smells very pure and clean, if that makes sense), and although thicker and oily-ish, it doesn’t break me out. It will sit on top of the skin when first applied, but give it about a minute and it’ll absorb and feels great! Don’t apply too much at once though, or your skin could get too oily or clog your pores. It’s really great for those dry areas that are just too stubborn for normal moisturizers. 



That was my day routine. At night, I’ll use the ISA KNOX MX-II Platinum: Eye Cream for my under eye circles and the area near the ends of your eyes that crinkle when you smile (is that called your smile wrinkle area?). I used this cream just for the heck of it since it was sitting in my mom’s beauty product shelf unused, and I have to say I really do see an improvement. My eye bags have greatly diminished and although it doesn’t have any color correction properties, I feel like the color is less purple and prominent than before. I’ve also become a bit paranoid about wrinkles since I’m beginning to reach that age where your skin will start showing signs of aging if not taken care of (I’m 20 years old), so I make sure to use this around my eyes to keep it hydrated and prevent any future wrinkles. I like that this comes in a tube since it’s more sanitary and won’t taint the product as easily (unlike the ultra moisture cream, where it is in a tub). 



Last but not least, I always apply lip balm to keep my lips hydrated and supple. My lips dry easily whether in hot humid summer weather or in the cold winter months (probably due to my acne pills and birth control), so I always carry and use lip balm. The one I’m currently using and really like is the Yes To Carrots Lip Butter. It has an unfamiliar, almost odd smell but using the product, it’s very moisurizing compared to Chapstick or other cheap lip balm products. I got this on sale at Walgreen’s for $0.99USD, but I think the regular price is $2-$3USD. It’s worth the money (since I’m used to buying $1USD Chapstick). Most lip balms  are waxy and just sits on top of my lips, but this one actually absorbs (unless my lips are ultra dry in which it will just sit on top of the dry, cracked skin). 

I’m not sure if this product is available internationally, but I know the other products can be found online and shipped internationally (although I got mine shipped in Korea through Korean sites). 

Feel free to leave any comments if you’ve tried any of these products before or have an interest and have any questions about these products. Also, if there are any reviews you’d like me to make (such as about cleansers or other Korean beauty/makeup products).

My Opinion about Z.HERA (debut)

Recently, Z.HERA (real name: Ji Hye Rin) made her debut with “Peacock” and as I’m typing this, a video of her first LIVE performance was released on YouTube. 


Some background info about Z.HERA: 

According to ALLKPOP, during her younger years she was trained in Shaolin martial arts in China and was featured in a Korean documentary program in 2006 called ‘Human Theater’. Known as “Shaolin girl”, the 11-year-old stated on the program that she wanted to become a singer.

Now fast forward to 6 years later, and she’s now made her debut in the KPOP scene. 

She reminds me a bit of BoA with the slightly nasally voice, yet prominent (not the same as ‘strong’) vocals. This is all being said positively. Plus, her voice just has this unique tone that I’m enjoying a lot. And with her song “Peacock,” it’s music style is reminiscent of an older KPOP style (around the early 2000s). I really enjoy her debut song and image. She’s still young and her voice sounds like it as well, but it’s refreshing to hear a style of music that hasn’t been heard in awhile (yet is by no means outdated). Since I have only her very first debut performance to go by for LIVE vocals, she’s on-pitch and sounds nearly identical with the studio vocals. So it’s good to know she does have music talent. She’s still a bit shaky but in her defense, she did a lot of dancing and only just debuted. And with all the smiling she did she seemed a bit nervous.

But nonetheless with what I’ve seen so far, I’m anticipating more LIVE performances and seeing/hearing improvement and hoping she won’t just fall out of the KPOP scene, although it seems likely to happen since right now the industry is being overrun by boy idol groups. Also, just being a female solo singer is already making her chances harder of succeeding. But hopefully she has what it takes, because I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for her in the KPOP music scene. 

(clicking the links below will open a new tab, so go check out her M/V and LIVE performance debut! Also check out her mini-album ‘Z.HERA Born.’)



From the city of Seoul to the countryside of South Korea

I am just finishing my second year of university, and since then I’ve gone back to Seoul twice during my summer/winter vacation to see my family. It’s hard, I get homesick easily for my parents, brothers, and life in general in Korea.

We’ve lived in Seoul for 3 years and just a month ago, my dad found out that his job was transferring him to the countryside of Korea (near Songtan). We’ve lived there previously before moving to Seoul, but having lived life in both the rural and suburban areas, I’m pretty sad that they’re moving back to Songtan. I’m going to miss living in Seoul.

Life in Seoul is fast-paced and very exciting (or at least, for a young person like me). The public transportation (such as the buses and subway) is very fast and efficient, making it easy to go anywhere without having to drive or invest a lot of time and money to travel. From my old house near line 4, I was a few stops away from some of the major shopping areas in Seoul (Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Itaewon, I-Park in Yongsan Station). And life is always bustling, whether in the day or night.

Unlike the countryside, where life dulls down at around 9 or 10pm, in Seoul, the late night shopping centers start opening at that time until 4 or 5am, noraebangs are opened late, cafes are too, people are out clubbing or drinking with friends, and the city just feels so alive at night.

In the rural areas, life is much slower. There are more local groceries and businesses and definitely more elderly people around (ahjummas and ahjusshis). Transportation is also harder. To get to Seoul I’d either have to take a taxi to the subway station (compared to in Seoul when I would walk 10 minutes to get to the station) or take the bus and then transfer to the subway station, or take a local bus to go to the main bus terminal that will take me straight to Seoul. Nonetheless, it’s more of a hassle to travel, although in general South Korea’s public transportation system is really great. At least they have buses and subway stops to nearly everywhere in Korea that are easy to use, it just takes more time to travel and effort to travel when you’re in the countryside.

I guess there are a few advantages to living in the countryside. First, the local weekly markets are really nice and inexpensive. It’s definitely cheaper to buy food, clothes, and supplies in the rural areas. The vegetables and fruits are really fresh and cheaper than buying them in Seoul since these are from local farms in the area. Also, I noticed that stationary stores (the places that sell pens, notebooks, phone charms, and other little cute trinkets) are way cheaper too and still just as cute and fun. Even restaurants are also inexpensive and actually taste a lot better.

I remember in Songtan, about 4 years ago when we lived there, there was this really delicious pizza and chicken delivery place. I thought it was a chain restaurant but I hadn’t seen any in Seoul, and also, for some reason there were no pizza+chicken delivery places in Seoul unlike in the countryside. It still baffles me why there wasn’t any but now that I think about it, the pizza+chicken places have faded out because it’s too expensive and less profitable to sell both pizza and chicken rather than one or the other. When I come back home (well, to my new home) in Songtan for the summer, I hope that delivery place is still there or one that sells both pizza and chicken.

I guess I got a bit too carried away with talking about food, I can’t help it since Songtan had some really delicious, inexpensive food places compared to Seoul. Even the Korean BBQ meat (samgyeopsal) is super cheap, mmmmmmm.

It’s also nice because when we lived in Songtan before, I have memories of walking with my mom to buy groceries and other necessities at the local supermarkets. In Seoul, we would just call and have our groceries delivered from the Lotte Mart across the street or my mom would actually drive to E-Mart. All these places are always crowded with lots of people and it can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes. You get used to it, but that doesn’t mean it feels any better or more comfortable. It will be nice to spend some quality time with my mom in a relaxed area by walking together to the market and buying things without feeling rushed.

These are a few differences I’ve noticed about living in both Seoul and Korea’s countryside,. It’s not everything and I feel like I didn’t go too in-depth, so if there’s anything you’d like to know more about feel free to ask or leave a comment!

Winter Break

A lot has happened over winter break for me.

First, due to unexpected circumstances and a small (really not that big of a deal) family emergency, I went back to Seoul for the winter break.

I was only there for about a month, but the time flew by so fast that it felt like I was only there for two weeks or so.

I got to do a lot like shopping, meeting up with old friends from high school, noraebang, clubbing, etc. I was especially happy to be with my family again.

Even though it had been only a few months since I last saw my family, my little brothers seemed to have grown up so much! I still can’t believe my youngest brother will be in middle school next year, he still seems to tiny and like a baby to me.

Anyways, it was really nice to see my old friends again. I was reunited with two of my very close friends that I hadn’t seen in over a year, since I had graduated from high school. It was so great to see them again and catch up and talk like old times.

Especially one who is my guy best friend (who is also my girl best friend’s boyfriend) so we gossiped a bit about their relationship and reminiscing about old times of our high school trio.

I did a lot of karaoke in the beginning when I arrived. But after two weeks I actually got tired of singing because all the places have the same songs and it gets boring after awhile to do it too much in such a short amount of time.

I also did soooo much shopping. It was mostly makeup and accessories though, because for clothing, I needed summer clothing for the year-round hot weather of Miami, while in Korea it’s currently winter and still very cold. The boutiques only sold sweaters, heavy coats, and other winter clothing. I had no use for those and I couldn’t find any t-shirts or shorts so I didn’t bother with clothing shopping. Only very little clothing shopping.

Anyways, I will eventually do winter break makeup haul review later ~ I have the pictures and everything, I just need to stop being lazy and actually type up the review.

I also had some very nice encounters during winter break with some cute Korean guys 😉 I met them at an English cafe (not at the same time though, separately)  and from there, we went out a few times to grab dinner and chat for hours in a cafe. It was a lot of fun to talk with male Koreans and hear their questions about America and their thoughts and opinions about certain issues, such as in politics, music taste, relationships, etc. We are just friends, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they are cute! hehehe

I thought I was adjusting well to my life in Miami, but being back in Seoul for the summer, and shortly later for the winter, I don’t know how I will survive these next few months. I want school to be over so I can go back to Korea for the summer and see all my friends (new and old) again! And the difference of an American and Korean lifestyles and cultures are just so huge, I really do prefer Korea over America.

I might need to make a whole separate post about that since there’s a lot I’d like to talk about with the differences of living in the USA and in Korea (more specifically, Seoul. Although I could also talk about living in the rural side of Korea since I also lived in the countryside before we moved to Seoul). Anyways, I will consider making a post about this or not.

So that was my winter break! I’m back in the US now for university, spring semester. I hope it passes by quickly and smoothly so I can see my family and friends again in Seoul!

Skin79 Haul/Mini-Review

My Skin79 beauty haul!

makeup edit1

I got this way back in the summer while I was in Seoul, in July I think. I haven’t done a review in awhile since I forgot where the pictures on my computer were till now.

I ordered this from G-Market and I had only ordered the Gold BB Cream, but in Korea always give away special freebies with your beauty purchases so my one order of Gold BB Cream included 4 mini Pink BB creams, 1 mini-rose lip gloss, and many beauty samples. This was all for just 23,000won (so roughly $20?). I think that’s a very good, reasonable price for all these products^^

pink bb cream

For the Gold BB cream, I had tried it before, so I already knew what to expect. But I had never tried the Pink BB cream, and now I really love the Pink BB cream more than the Gold one. The Gold BB cream is much more oily, which is good if you have dry skin or for the winter time when the air dries out your skin, but since my skin is already quite oily, it made my skin look more oily. Even when I powdered over it, a couple hours later it looks oily and the BB cream look more apparent on my face.

For the Pink BB cream, it’s less oily but still gives my face good moisture and it’s a good balancing formula. The BB cream isn’t that thick or heavy and it applies quite smoothly. I really do prefer the pink one and recommend it for people who have oily skin. I also think it made me break out less and helped a bit with my break outs!

bb cream

The free beauty samples I got with my order included other BB creams, including an Orange BB cream and some sort of Gold Snail BB cream. I heard for moisturizers, companies use snail goo, so it’s actually rather healthy and good for your sin. I think the Gold Snail BB cream is more focused on older skin, like anti-wrinkling and moisturizing (since older skin tend to be more dry, making it more likely to wrinkle). Of course, all the BB creams are anti-wrinkle and such, but I think the Snail one is more focused on that aspect than the other BB creams.

I’m not sure what the Orange BB cream is for, but I think it’s just for people who are more sweaty because of a busy, active lifestyle? Hahaha I am not too sure since my mom tried the Orange and Snail BB cream. She said the shade was a bit darker than her skin tone, so she preferred the Gold one over the Orange one. I don’t know if she ever tried the Snail one or not.

BB cream cleanser

I also received a loooooot of samples of Skin79’s BB cleanser, meant to be a cleanser for BB cream. I have to say, after using the samples I loved it so much that I ordered the actual full-sized product and I LOVE it! I didn’t take any pictures of me using the product, the at first it’s like a smooth gel-consistency that when you put onto your face, it turns into a bubbly foam. I usually use about three, sometimes four, squirts at the end of the day when I’m cleaning my face. It cleans off the BB cream without drying out my skin and it doesn’t make me break out at all. My skin is really acne-prone and although this product didn’t mention being for acne-prone skin, it doesn’t cause breakouts.

A definite recommendation for those who want to clean off their BB cream (I think it’d work well with foundation too, although I haven’t tried). I also used it to clean off mascara from my lashes and it does that too! Love it~ The only thing it can’t really clean is eyeliner since that’s way too near my eyes and I wouldn’t want to risk getting that bubbly foam in my eye.

This is my mini-review of my Skin79 haul. If you ever tried any of these products, let me know how they worked for you! I’m curious to know if anyone had as many good experiences with Skin79’s products as me or not~ Or I guess if you have any questions about the products just ask and I’ll try to answer^^

2013 summer plans when I’m back in Seoul!

Now that I feel a lot better about life, here is a random list of goals/things I want to do when I’m back in Seoul for the summer of ’13:

  • Shop, shop shop. Korean clothing, accessories, and beauty products are so inexpensive and really good quality! Plus, they’re up-to-date with their fashion and seriously, their prices are just soooo good for the quality of the product. There’s stuff like shirts and skirts that I would see in Forever21, AGACI, ZARA, etc. that I could get way cheaper and for the same (or nearly same) quality. For example, a $24 shirt from Forever21, I could find for under $10 in the Korean market place or fashion boutique. Same goes for their beauty products. In America in their drugstores (like Walgreens and CBS), you know how they have $8 eyeliner and $12 foundation? That stuff I could find for a couple dollars in Nature Republic or Etude House and the quality is just as good! Of course, Korean makeup shops have more expensive eyeliners, foundations, lipsticks, etc. but if you buy $8 eyeliner in Korea and compare it to $8 liner from an American brand, to me, the Korean brand is way better and lasts longer.
  • Learn more Korean. Because I’m working on either getting a job in Korea or having a career related with the globalization of South Korea, etc. I would really like to learn the language better. I can understand Korean fairly well, but I do need to polish up on my grammar and extend my vocabulary. Just in general, I would really like to improve my Korean by either having my mom and friends teach me more, or taking university Korean-language courses while I am in South Korea. 
  • Hangout with friends. Some of my friends are still in South Korea because of school while others went to different parts of the states for college, and I found out some of them are coming back in the summertime! I am so excited to see my friends again, we’re going to go noraebang (karaoke), eat lots of Korean food+more drinking (kekeke), clubbing in Hongdae, take sticker pictures, sit in cafes and relax in that sort of atmosphere, take many many pictures and selcas, and just have fun! It’s been so long and I really really really miss these close friends of mine from back in high school! Some of my friends want to go to Busan, Jejudo, or Japan, so we will also see how plans and money works out for that.
  • Dye/Change my hair. Hehehehe, right now my hair is a multi-colored mess of browns and oranges, which looks good but I’m starting to get tired of it. Maybe I will get a perm again? Two years ago, I got a steam perm in Seoul before I left for the states but that damaged my hair a lot. If I can learn to take care of it better, then I think this time I will get a perm again. I really miss my curly/wavy hair!
  • Get an internship or job. I just need to get more job experience in general for my university resume. Make some money too. Maybe if things don’t work out, I hope to volunteer more, whether in some sort of shelter, food drive, English camp, etc.
  • Take online university classes. Because my university is dumb and requires students to take 9 credits over the summer, I’m going to get it over with next year and take online classes. They’re expensive but I might as well get it done with before I start my junior year. Also, last year when I went to Seoul for the summer, it was unproductive in the sense that I felt like I could have done more like take classes or have a job, so just to make my summer more worthwhile I might as well get an education while having fun too in the city 🙂

These are my goals, hopefully they’ll happen and that plans will work out in the summer.

Very cute Korean phone app TUTORIAL (for home screen, lock screen, etc.)!

My friend showed me this adorable app where you can download a theme for your home screen, lock screen, etc. and it’s just so cuuuuute~!!

It’s called “Phone Theme Shop” and it’s for the Android. I don’t know if it works if you don’t have an Android, but since I have an Android I know it works for me.

Although it’s a Korean app, a lot of things are in English so it’s easy to follow and understand 🙂

I had a bit of difficulty and confusion, though, when trying to make themes work and such, so here’s a tutorial to help you guys out (incase you’re like me and a little slow when it comes to new technology^^;;). It seems long and complicated, but it really isn’t that hard! It can just get a bit confusing if you don’t know what to do exactly.

I had to take pictures with my camera with ‘bleeeh’ quality, so sorry for that! On to the tutorial~

First search on Google Play for the app “Phone Theme Shop” and install.

After installing, open the app and you should get this screen:

Click ‘Launcher Theme’ and you’ll get this screen:

In the left column you see things like ‘Launcher theme’, ‘Icon pack’, ‘Lock screen theme’, etc. Whichever part of you phone you want to customize, you click on that button.

The only ones I’ve done so far are:

  • ‘Launcher theme’ to edit the home screen
  • ‘Lock screen theme’ to edit the lock screen
  • ‘SMS theme’ to edit the text messaging home screen

Whatever you want to edit, click that button and it’ll take you to a scroll-down screen of many, many themes.

Here’s a tip: Some themes are free while others are not (the ones that aren’t, you need an account where you download different apps and click ads to collect points [beans]. It’s a hassle, but if you want the really good themes, you can make an account. I, on the other hand, don’t want to deal with that so I only download the free themes).

To tell which themes are free and which aren’t, when you click a theme, under the blue ‘Install’ button there are two main differences:

The ones with ‘ ___ beans’ are not free while the ones that are blank under the ‘Install’ button are free.

When you find a theme you like (preferably a free one if you don’t have a Phone Theme Shop account), click install and it’ll be on your phone. But it won’t automatically activate on your phone yet. You need to download certain apps to make these themes compatible with your phone. When you download themes for certain parts of your phone, they will tell you that you can’t activate that theme until you install so-and-so app. They’ll automatically direct you to the app you need to install, so here are the ones I had to download for the home screen, lock screen, and texting screen:

After you install an app, open it and it’ll take you to this page (here’s the one when you install the ‘GO Launcher Ex’ and ‘GO Locker’):

Click ‘Installed’ and you’ll find themes that you installed from the Phone Theme Shop app.

Click ‘Apply’ to whichever theme you want to install, and then it’ll be on your phone, yay! (‘∇’)

To always edit your themes, just click either ‘GO Launcher Ex’, ‘GO SMS Pro’, etc. to apply the theme for whichever part of the phone. From there they have ‘Featured’ themes and ‘Installed’ themes and just click ‘Installed’ and click the theme you want to use.

And there you have it! The tutorial to getting very cute phone screens, lock screens, etc. for your phone  (*´∀`*)☆

Hope it wasn’t confusing. If you have an questions or comments, feel free to ask/post!

Now enjoy as I end this post with my new adorable lock screen~

Night out partying or…PIZZA?!★

This weekend was filled with fatty goodness.

My friends and I were invited to a party but instead, stayed in their dorm, ordered pizza, and watched a movie! Also, a few hours before 신디 and I went to the grocery store and bought chips and cookies for our friends! By the end of the weekend (Friday through Sunday), all the cookies and chips were gone, hehehe~

About the party, it was a birthday/drinking party for my friend’s cousin who like(d?) me and that’s why I was invited. Before when we skyped, he mentioned a party so I asked if my friends could go, which is probably why he invited them too.

We didn’t want to go because first of all, we don’t know them very well and secondly, the guest list included a bunch of Asian ‘swag’ boys and Asian girls with too much makeup and tight clothes. My friends and I aren’t those kind of people and my three of my friends are pretty much the only non-Asian girls invited. How awkward….

So a pizza party with a scary movie and some karaoke right at their dorm made the night 100x more fun than if we went to the party! I was greatly pleased with our small get together( ̄ー ̄)


Before the special pizza box combo (two medium pizzas, one alfredo pasta, and one order of bread sticks) 


After the devouring

I miss blogging like this, hope I can bring more posts like this to the blog and bring it back to life^^