She says we look good together, I wish it would happen.

I was so speechless, if only I had the guts to tell you my true feelings, or maybe you’ll discover them?

“매일 수 백 번 상상하며 기다려 왔던 그에게 Do it, Chu~♡”


소녀시대’s “Oh!” Album

I’ve been contemplating whether I should delete my previous post or not, and I decided I should since I’ve realized that what I had thought was wrong 🙂

Anyways, SNSD!!!!

I seriously LOVE Girls’ Generation! Is it weird for a girl to like a girl group so much???

I bought their album ‘Oh!’ with my birthday money and I really love it ~ I find the picture of Jessica and Seohyun together really cute and adorable!

Plus, the songs are nice. Most of the songs are too cutesy, but nonetheless I enjoy the album (it helps that I also got a poster XD)

I got a Sunny autograph card. Sad since I would have liked Jessica or someone cuter T^T Oh well, Sunny is nice too, it’s just I don’t like her pic on the card XP Maybe if there was a different picture  of Sunny I would like it more…

A video and song I’m totally loving, SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” music video!

I seriously love this bad girl look of SNSD’s! It’s so sexy, badass, and totally loveable ~ Does that make sense???

Added bonus, their live performance! I don’t like their white outfits from their first performance, so I’m posting their 2nd performance where the outfits, vibe/aura, and singing overall was better than the first one:

Waaaah unnies, you all are too beautiful *jealous* X3333

P.S. Pictures above weren’t taken by me DX