Trip to Seoul = DBSK GOODNESS

Although I live in Korea, I live a little far from Seoul, so I don’t go often. When I do though, it’s pretty interesting.

A couple days ago, I went to Lotte World with friends and afterwards, we shopped a bit. I decided to stop by a music store to see if they had any DBSK albums. I wasn’t expecting much since it was a really small store,  lost in the sea of other boutiques and stores. But they happened to have every single album O_O. I was tempted to buy some of their earlier albums (such as Tri-Angle and “O”), but I didn’t have that much money so I had to pass *tear*. I wanted to purchase their Japanese album ‘Share the World’ and the store had both the CD + DVD so I bought it.

While the cashier was ringing it up (he was an elderly man), he told me in Korean, “Since you bought Dong Bang Shin Ki’s album, I can see you’re a fan so I’ll give you a free Dong Bang Shin Ki poster.” <——— OMG!!!!!!!! I DIED INSIDE FROM FANGIRLING IN MY MIND.

He went to the corner of the store (trust me, it’s a small store, the cashier is in one corner of the store while he went to a different corner and it was only 4 or 5 steps away) and he gave me a free poster!!! Two of my friends were jealous because they’re also DBSK fans XD Not as big as me though (no, I don’t mean that to sound cocky or anything. But seriously, the one who likes DBSK likes SHINee and Fly to the Sky better and the other friend loves DBSK’s music but doesn’t really know much about them personality and life-wise), but they’re fans nonetheless, so they were jealous, hehehe 🙂

He gave me the Version C poster from the MIROTIC album. I was probably blushing so much from the shock XD I guess he knew I was a fan since I bought one of their albums from Japan while in Korea. Plus, I might have fangirled just a tinsy winsy bit too much when I saw the shelf full of DBSK albums ^^;;; But OMG, I’m still soooo glad I bought the album there!!! I’m not going to use the poster yet since I’m moving soon, but once I go to the new house, I’m definately hanging it up 😀 I have the Ver. B Mirotic poster already hanging in my room, but let me tell you, the Ver. C poster DEFINATELY blows it away. Ver. C poster is so beautiful and just WOOOOW *_* I was seriously thanking the elderly Korean man in both Korean and English A LOT.

Version C MIROTIC Poster (credits to yesasia for the pic)

Version C MIROTIC Poster (credits to yesasia for the pic)

Man, next time I go to Seoul I want to go to that music store again. Not to get any more free DBSK stuff or anything, but because that man really touched me in my heart. No joke. I’m tempted to buy more DBSK albums and other K-Pop albums from that music store again (actually, I was going to buy SNSD’s ‘Genie’ album but I decided not to, and I cancelled that purchase before he gave me the free poster so afterwards I felt a bit guilty). If only I can go there again. But I’m stuck with music stores where the variety of DBSK albums is not very wide 😦 Plus, I thought if you bought the Ver. C MIROTIC album, then you’d get the poster but apparently not. I remember purchasing Ver. B at the same store that I got Ver.  C and it came with the Ver. B poster with the purchase of the album. Oh well…I’m just happy that I got a free poster unexpectedly while having a fun trip to Seoul with close friends ^_^

[RANDOM] Meeting a Korean Guy Who Doesn’t Like Pictures

A couple weeks ago, I went over to my friend’s (Helena) house. Her mom’s friend’s son was boarding at her house since it’s the Korean winter holidays and for Koreans, their winter break is a month long or so. His name is Myungjin (I think) but since I can never remember, I just called him Bob XD He’s the same age as Helena and I (somewhere around 14, 15, or 16).

Anyways, he’s staying at her house to get a feel of how Americans live. He doesn’t talk much and usually ignores Helena, resulting in her bullying him, LOL. She’s a tomboy so yeah, it’s normal for her. Well, that day when I went over to her house, Bob’s friend and his friend’s two sisters came over. Having my camera, I thought it might be fun to take pictures.

Heres Helena.

Here's Helena.

Here she is bullying Bob *poor Bob...*

Here she is bullying Bob *poor Bob...* You can see how much fun she has bullying others XD

Unfortunately, Bob doesn’t like pictures.

Here’s what happens when you try to take pictures of an unwilling participant:

(Bob resorts to hiding behind his friend, who doesn’t like pictures too XD)
There’s more pictures, but I’m too lazy to post them all. After many failed tries, we gave up, but then we surprised him and *SNAP*, we got a picture!
ROFL, this isn’t a very good picture of him, but it was the only one where we could see his face! Sorry Bob if you ever see this, hopefully no one you know will see this picture!
I kinda felt bad about bothering Bob and how he always gets bothered by Helena, so I’m hoping that before he goes back, we’ll be able to take him to a noraebang (karaoke room). Sort of as a small way to repay him, plus, Helena says he doesn’t talk so going noraebanging is a good idea. Then again, he might make just us sing…*starts worrying*.
Uwaaah ~