[PICS] Shugo Chara Sticker Book

This is non-TVXQ related, but it’s still about the Asian culture! Shugo Chara is a manga and anime that I really enjoy. It’s pretty popular here in Korea, having lots of children’s toys and merchandise based on the show. I was in a corner store near my home when I noticed that they sold Shugo Chara stickers (in about packs of five or so, I forgot the exact number) and if you got a certain sticker, you could win a sticker book to keep track of your Shugo Chara stickers.

The lady in the store was nice and gave it to me for free, so I was happy about that. For the stickers, you can buy a pack and some will have stickers that go in the sticker book and others will have stickers that are ‘blank’ ones (meaning they don’t belong in the book, but you can still use them for whatever you want, like to decorate your notebook or something). But what makes the sticker book really special is that if you get all the stickers, you send the sticker book to the company that it’s from and you’re eligable to win prizes like a Nintendo DS or a trip to an amusement park or something. It’s pretty popular with the little kids since the stickers are cheap (300 won = about less than 30 cents). I, a grown teenager, have somehow gotten drawn into these cute, childish stickers =_= Here are pics of my sticker book!:

(Front cover)