Today I went to Myeongdong with my mom and wow, today it was super crowded! I’ve gone to Myeongdong a lot of times but this is the first time I’ve ever seen the subway station and streets so crowded!  I thought maybe there was some sort of celeb event going on in Myeongdong but even after three hours of being there, there was still a lot of people!

Besides the hoards of people cluttering the streets, I finally got to eat at…

Han’s Deli!

I’ve been craving to eat at that place since the very first time I went a few weeks ago.

It was really delicious. This is my 2nd time going, though unfortunately the service wasn’t as good as the 1st time. I went to the same Han’s Deli outlet in Myeongdong, but when I went to order the yummy Sweet Potatoe Tortillas that I ate before, they had run out of those ingredients 😦 So instead, I ordered Pork cutlets with Omurice.

I was a bit hesitant to order it since I’m not too into fried foods anymore, but this was really scrumptious ~ My mom ordered the tuna bibimbap, which was so-so. It wasn’t bad, but it was unlike the authentic, traditional Korean bibimbaps that I like (I tried a couple spoons of my mom’s order, hehehe).

I was disappointed with the service since not only did they run out of the meal that I wanted, but they didn’t have a salad side dish that my mom and I wanted. I was filled up with my dish, though it would have been nice to have some greens with my meal. Plus, there was a hair in the pickled radish that I got from the self-service area. GROSS! I have no idea if that hair is mine, my mom’s, or a random stranger’s. Either way, it’s still gross!!

Despite these drawbacks, the meal went smoothly and afterwards we shopped around and got our hair cuts.

I only trimmed my bangs at Juno Hair (9,000won, dang, I miss Pyeongtaek where trimming your bangs was only 3,000won~5,000won, or sometimes free!) while my mom got bangs and cut the length of her hair.

I liked the service though since they had service drinks. I got some orange juice with ice cubes while my mom got an Americano. They also included some small cookies/biscuit snacks which was adorable! My trimming only took 10 mins. so while I was waiting for my mom to finish cutting her hair, one of the workers gave me another orange juice, but this time with three little snack pretzels on the side! Yuuum ~!!

Sometime along our shopping trip I bought a bow hair clip and cute hairband. I NEVER wear hair accessories but when I tried the hairband it was super cute and I love the bow so I’m going to try wearing these accessories to feel cuter, prettier, and just more girly ^^~


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