KPOP Girl vs Boy Groups

It’s weird, although I’m a female, I actually prefer KPOP girl groups over the boy groups.

Lately I notice that I look forward more to girl group performances on TV than the guy groups (though I can’t complain with the eye-candy some guy groups provide *wink wink*).  I also listen to girl songs more than songs sung by guys.

It’s not that I’m attracted to girls or anything, but it’s just I think I pull my motivation and inspiration from girl groups.

For example, I’m trying to lose weight, so seeing all those thin, slim females from girl groups sort of inspires me to be healthier as a person (eating right, do some physical activities like dancing) Yeah, you can argue these girls probably starve themselves, blah blah blah, but I won’t pay attention to any of that.

Also, I LOVE looking at their outfits! Some are super cute, others are just like “EWW, what were the stylists thinking?!” and it’s just fun examining the outfits on the girl groups.

I think I like listening to KPOP girl group songs more than guy songs is because I love singing along to songs, but of course, guy songs are waaaay out of my vocal range. Girl songs are just right ^^

It’s fun to mimic the dances of the girl group songs, more than guy songs, at least for me.

So these are my reasons why I like girl KPOP groups more than guy KPOP groups.

I just felt like talking about this since it was on my mind recently. I think the few events that sparked this idea was twice, this Korean guy’s cell phone (in my class) went off, and the first time “You and I” by Park Bom was playing and the 2nd time was a different girl group (can’t remember name or song). Then yesterday, on my bus, I could hear this guy’s mp3 through this headphones since it was so loud and once, I heard “Like the First Time” by T-Ara playing while the 2nd time, I heard “Oh!” by SNSD.

My playlist lately on the bus ride to and from my school consists of (usually in this order):

  •  “Sign” – BEG
  • “Heartbeat” – 2pm
  • “Tomorrow” – 4Tomorrow
  • “I Want You Back” – Secret
  • “You and I” – Park Bom
  • “Chu” – f(x)

This made me think, “Since I’m a female, would it be weird for me to listen more to girl songs than guy songs when these Korean guys in my school like listening more to girl songs than male songs?”

Thus, this post was born 😀


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