2013 summer plans when I’m back in Seoul!

Now that I feel a lot better about life, here is a random list of goals/things I want to do when I’m back in Seoul for the summer of ’13:

  • Shop, shop shop. Korean clothing, accessories, and beauty products are so inexpensive and really good quality! Plus, they’re up-to-date with their fashion and seriously, their prices are just soooo good for the quality of the product. There’s stuff like shirts and skirts that I would see in Forever21, AGACI, ZARA, etc. that I could get way cheaper and for the same (or nearly same) quality. For example, a $24 shirt from Forever21, I could find for under $10 in the Korean market place or fashion boutique. Same goes for their beauty products. In America in their drugstores (like Walgreens and CBS), you know how they have $8 eyeliner and $12 foundation? That stuff I could find for a couple dollars in Nature Republic or Etude House and the quality is just as good! Of course, Korean makeup shops have more expensive eyeliners, foundations, lipsticks, etc. but if you buy $8 eyeliner in Korea and compare it to $8 liner from an American brand, to me, the Korean brand is way better and lasts longer.
  • Learn more Korean. Because I’m working on either getting a job in Korea or having a career related with the globalization of South Korea, etc. I would really like to learn the language better. I can understand Korean fairly well, but I do need to polish up on my grammar and extend my vocabulary. Just in general, I would really like to improve my Korean by either having my mom and friends teach me more, or taking university Korean-language courses while I am in South Korea. 
  • Hangout with friends. Some of my friends are still in South Korea because of school while others went to different parts of the states for college, and I found out some of them are coming back in the summertime! I am so excited to see my friends again, we’re going to go noraebang (karaoke), eat lots of Korean food+more drinking (kekeke), clubbing in Hongdae, take sticker pictures, sit in cafes and relax in that sort of atmosphere, take many many pictures and selcas, and just have fun! It’s been so long and I really really really miss these close friends of mine from back in high school! Some of my friends want to go to Busan, Jejudo, or Japan, so we will also see how plans and money works out for that.
  • Dye/Change my hair. Hehehehe, right now my hair is a multi-colored mess of browns and oranges, which looks good but I’m starting to get tired of it. Maybe I will get a perm again? Two years ago, I got a steam perm in Seoul before I left for the states but that damaged my hair a lot. If I can learn to take care of it better, then I think this time I will get a perm again. I really miss my curly/wavy hair!
  • Get an internship or job. I just need to get more job experience in general for my university resume. Make some money too. Maybe if things don’t work out, I hope to volunteer more, whether in some sort of shelter, food drive, English camp, etc.
  • Take online university classes. Because my university is dumb and requires students to take 9 credits over the summer, I’m going to get it over with next year and take online classes. They’re expensive but I might as well get it done with before I start my junior year. Also, last year when I went to Seoul for the summer, it was unproductive in the sense that I felt like I could have done more like take classes or have a job, so just to make my summer more worthwhile I might as well get an education while having fun too in the city 🙂

These are my goals, hopefully they’ll happen and that plans will work out in the summer.