Night out partying or…PIZZA?!★

This weekend was filled with fatty goodness.

My friends and I were invited to a party but instead, stayed in their dorm, ordered pizza, and watched a movie! Also, a few hours before 신디 and I went to the grocery store and bought chips and cookies for our friends! By the end of the weekend (Friday through Sunday), all the cookies and chips were gone, hehehe~

About the party, it was a birthday/drinking party for my friend’s cousin who like(d?) me and that’s why I was invited. Before when we skyped, he mentioned a party so I asked if my friends could go, which is probably why he invited them too.

We didn’t want to go because first of all, we don’t know them very well and secondly, the guest list included a bunch of Asian ‘swag’ boys and Asian girls with too much makeup and tight clothes. My friends and I aren’t those kind of people and my three of my friends are pretty much the only non-Asian girls invited. How awkward….

So a pizza party with a scary movie and some karaoke right at their dorm made the night 100x more fun than if we went to the party! I was greatly pleased with our small get together( ̄ー ̄)


Before the special pizza box combo (two medium pizzas, one alfredo pasta, and one order of bread sticks) 


After the devouring

I miss blogging like this, hope I can bring more posts like this to the blog and bring it back to life^^


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