Birthday Cake ~

I celebrated my birthday not too long ago.

My parents bought a delicious strawberry cream sponge cake from Paris Baguette, I love the cakes from PB!

This cake was no excception ~

Even ate two slices, oops >x<

(Incase you didn’t know, I REALLY love strawberries! Like, no joke! Strawberry ice cream with bananas, strawberry smoothie with kiwis, strawberry jelly on my bagel, so many more strawberry foods I eat…)

Anyways, I definately recommend this cake to those who love strawberries.

The cake was a bit too soft though, almost like the whole thing was cream even with the sponge cake, but nonetheless, the taste made up for that ^^

Gosh, I’m craving this yummy cake again. After my family birthday dinner, there weren’t any left over slices left T-T


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