Finally Made Jellyhearts!

So, I finally made jellyhearts!

All the problems I had worried about didn’t happen, like the cheese rising to the top because of not being firmed enough, but unfortunately, here are some mistakes I made (I’ll document it here on my wordpress so I’ll remember them for next time…if there is a next time!):

  1. Use square pan. Because my 8×8 pan was too short in height for the jello, I decided to use a round plastic flat bowl I had with tall edges. I lined it with aluminum foil, but it was too little so I used two sheet of aluminum foil. BAD because…
  2. Some jello leaked under the cake. Well, more like under the foil that was under the cake. So the cake wasn’t affected, but I still didn’t like it! *pout*
  3. Use more jello. I used a 85ml pack since I thought a 170 would be too large for my small-ish cake. WRONG! I thought i had enough jello so I stuck with the 85ml pack and let it sit in the fridge, but afterwards I realized it was too little jello too late.
  4. Make homemade cheesecake. I admit, I fail at cooking so I used the Jell-o cheesecake mix, which says it only takes 15 min. to make. I used the cheesecake mix since it was cheaper than buying the cream cheese and all the other ingredients, plus, it came with the graham crackers for the base! Still, the mixture was a bit too soggy/not as firm as I would have liked, but it’s good to use if you want to save money and time, or epically fail at cooking like me.
  5. Use heart cookie cutter. I didn’t have one, so when I foolishly thought cutting the strawberry pieces into hearts by hand with a knife, I realized that it was an epic failure. So instead of wasting strawberries on ugly, not-even-worthy-to-be-called hearts, I just cut them into halves and stuck them on the mixture ^^

Hope this helped for those who want to  make jellyhearts! Unfortunately, no pics since I lost my camera cord. UGH, still mad about that but there’s nothing I can do.


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