Whoops, seems like I’m blogging too much about cooking/baking.

I should probably blog more about my life in Korea, or at least about making Korean food but I really fail at Korean cooking DX

Oh well, I’ll try to equally balance my posts but I honestly find cooking so much fun now ^^;;

Well, today I helped my mom with the Lunar New Year’s cooking my frying some Korean pancakes and fish. Got stung a few times by jumping oil but besides that it was fun : )

Mom also made some delicious mandoo duk soup (I don’t know what it’s called in Korean) with eggs, onions, and possibly leeks? Can’t remember, only know it was reaaaally good!

I want to learn how to make Korean food but seeing as my mom is the one who’s the expert with Korean cooking and my family is more impressed when I make foods that taste better than what my mom makes (that consists of American foods/not-native-Korean food), I won’t even attempt unless it’s to help my mom cook the food or watch her cooking it.

Examples of these would be:

  • Pancakes. My mom makes it out of the box. I like using the box but adding fruits or nuts, which is something my mom hasn’t done. I’ve been complimented that the simple pre-made mix pancakes taste much better with these added ingredients ^-^
  • Cake. My mom follows the box mix, but I like playing around with the recipe a bit. Like substituting the water with some coffee or something like that.
  • Cheesecake. Last time we tried making cheesecake, my mom was appalled by how much butter was needed to make the base so she nearly halved the amount of butter. Well, that resulted in a crumbly bottom which in turn, just didn’t make the cheesecake taste very good or look as good. This time, with the jellyhearts, I decided to follow the amount of butter needed since although I like being healthy, sometimes foods just have to have that extra oil/fat to taste as it does.
  • Chocolate. Okay, I admit, my mom doesn’t, or has never, made chocolate before. But I’m sure mine still would taste better than hers if she ever made it, because the recipe I used only needed a few ingredients, a microwave, and 5 minutes of time ^^Plus, my family was highly impressed!!

Although my family claims they like my food, I wonder if they’re just saying that to make me feel better…hmmm….


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