Microwaved-Chocolate Pecan Fudge


I just made some of this chocolate pecan fudge for Valentine’s day and it tastes DELICIOUS!!! It’s so quick, simple, and easy!


You can make this fudge with other ingredients like marshmellows, different kinds of nuts (like instead of pecans, use almonds, peanuts, walnuts, the possibilities are endless!), peanut butter chips, coconut flakes, etc.

I used pecans since that’s what I had, though I did sprinkle half of the fudge mix with coconut shavings since I bought those too ^^

I was a bit nervous about making this since I read a whole bunch of other recipes to make sure that what I was making would be the best choice. I saw a pic of this fudge on a site and thought it looked yummy but there were some reviews that it tasted horrible. But I decided to keep searching the net for a recipe that tasted good and I found this.

I’m glad I made it, it’s really easy. I was afraid about microwaving since I heard if you microwave it too high/much, the chocolate would harden/not taste as good. I was also afraid I’d cut the chocolate too early since I would only have about 4 or 5 hours to make it (I made the recipe and popped it in the fridge at 5PM).

I took it out and cut a sample piece at 7PM but it still seems a bit too soft. I don’t want it to melt before I can take it to school tomorrow, so I’ll let it chill a bit more before I cut the whole mix.

Wish I could take a pic and share, but I lost my camera cord as well as the recharger (man, I don’t want to imagine my parents’ anger since this is a new camera :x)

Anyways, time to tackle the jelly hearts tomorrow!! Wish me luck DX


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