Lately I’ve really been into cooking.

I’ve been making my own fried eggs in the morning for breakfast, frying sandwhich meat on the stove to eat with the eggs, making pancakes, cakes, etc. Although most of these foods are the instant mix kind (well, the cakes and pancakes I mean), I like looking up recipes online to help improve the food.

Like with pancakes, adding blueberries or bananas adds an extra YUM.

With chocolate cake, I found this tip that substituting water with coffee in a chocolate cake mix makes it taste better (I tried that and it was sooo delicious!).

I made a pinapple upside down cake today, but it was nothing special. Basically just followed the box instructions and since the cake mix had a pinapple scent to it already, it tasted like the usual instant mix pinapple upside down cake.

I bought some flour and will plan to make my own cakes from scratch! Wish me luck ~

I want to be able to make and decorate my own cake one day ^^

Especially since my mom bought me this mechanical cake pen that’s really cool ~


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