Another Point of View

Seeing the world in another point of view is just so frightening, because you never know what side of that view you might be seeing/are on.

A few years ago, my uncle did something bad. Bad enough to get him sent to jail for awhile.

It wasn’t murder or rape or anything, but it was bad enough to last a year, or maybe more? It had something to do when he was drunk and possibly something with sexual harassment, I don’t really know much details because its still a senstive topic that isn’t discussed in the open much. 

Nonetheless, I know my uncle as a great, wonderful man who just doesn’t have that great of luck and I’d like to think this applies to that.

Anyways, because of this incident, his wife left him and he isn’t allowed to see his toddler daughter and son. His wife was pregnant with his son while he was in prison, so he’s never seen his son’s face before.

His daughter used to ask where her father is, and her  mother would lie and tell her that daddy’s gone to a far away place.

Since she’s young, she’ll probably forget about him. Though it wouldn’t be a surprise when she gets older, she’ll start questioning why she doesn’t have a dad.

His wife doesn’t want him seeing the children because she says it’ll “confuse the kids.”

I guess I could understand. I mean, if I was a wife and mother with a daughter and pregnant with another child and found out my husband ‘dishonored’ the family, causing great shame, I’d probably not want to see him or let him see our children after he got out of prison.

But my uncle lives with us and I can see he lives with great guilt and pain. I’m sure if he could go back in time he would have never done what he did. He smiles and jokes around, but times are still hard for him. After serving his term, he lost his job as an actor. He wasn’t famous or anything, but he was building his way up to a great career and with this incident, that all went down the drain. Now he’s acting again, but he isn’t getting as many job offers as he had before.

So because of this, my mom, being a caring sister, decided to let him live with us as long as he does the best he can to earn money so he can bring himself back to his feet and have a fresh, new start.

It’s been 6 months or so since he’s lived with us, but because of one mistake, his life was changed.

He lost his wife, children, family, and career.

But the main reason I wrote this is because, answer this honestly, if you were in this woman’s place, would you forbid any contact between your husband and his kids?

Before, I know I would have been like “HECK YEAH, I wouldn’t let no man of mine who went to prison for sexual harassment to ANOTHER WOMAN see my children!” but having this actually happen to my uncle and seeing his response, I have mixed responses. I mean, from my uncle’s view I can’t help but feel bad and I know he deserves to see his kids, he’s not a cruel or mean man. But seeing it from the ex’s view, I can understand why she doesn’t want him to see his kids.

I hope this never happens to me.


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