Hot Blooded Woman Review

Yesterday, I finished reading a manhwa (Korean comic/manga) called “Hot Blooded Woman”.

It’s about a girl named Haji who was bullied by her brothers when she was younger and grew up to be a tough gangster girl herself. She gets into an accident where her soul transfered into the body of a girl (Aram) her age who is completely opposite of her; Aram is beautiful, rich, but with a frail body. Eventually, Haji finds her soulmate through Aram’s body, blah blah blah (I’m too impatient to write out the whole summary, so if you really want to know the rest just google it).

I usually don’t like reading manhwas like this, but for some reason it caught my attention and left me hooked enough to read through 24 volumes.

What I find odd though, was that at the end the story took a dramatic twist from Haji being a dumb, naive tough girl to actually being a wicked, cruel person who hides behind a mask. But the story naturally ends with her still acting dumb and naive, being the ‘good’ character in the story.

I didn’t really enjoy this story, but you know how a storyline might suck but keep you wondering what happens next despite how much you don’t really like the story? Well, that’s how I felt.

The characters were too predictable and nothing special. I didn’t enjoy the dramatic character changes that didn’t quite make sense. Plus, the story introduced some characters/elements too late into the story where they were rushed/barely shown for it to end completely (such as when Aram finds her soulmate).

Guess this wasn’t much of a review, eh? But I felt I had to talk about this manhwa since it’s Korean and I actually read the whole series. I’m honestly not too into the manhwa drawing style, to me, the styles used in manga are much more fluid and pretty to the eyes compared to the styles in manhwa.



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