The Killers

I wish I could watch the Killers concert 2009 in Seoul. That’d be so awesome. When my family first heard of the Killers, my Korean mom totally freaked out, wondering why a band would have such a ‘violent’ name such as the Killers. It was funny, my mom expected the Killers to have provocative music filled with violence or something, but their music is really emotionally deep and touching (Okay, maybe I look too into it, but it can’t be helped that when I was first getting into mainstream American music, the Killers were one of the first groups to greet me, thus making a deeper impression on me).

The first song I heard from the Killers (and fell in love with) was “When You Were Young.” That song holds a special place in my heart because of the emotionals I first felt when listening to the song:

Other songs I heard later on that I loved from the Killers were “Mr. Brightside” and “Somebody Told Me.”

I know a few others, but these songs were what first got my hooked to the Killers and made me realize what an impact they made to me through American music.

When I heard that the Killers were going to perform in Seoul, I immediately looked up the tickets. They cost 99,000won for the standing tickets, which is a lot of money! So sad because I wanted to go with my brother and dad (they like the Killers too; my brother probably likes them more than me since he bought one of their albums once).

Anyways, I started looking up LIVE performances of the Killers, expecting a not-that-great-singing. Honestly, whenever I hear American singers singing LIVE, they either sound completely different from what I expected or they’re major disappointments. The Killers though, DANG, they don’t disappoint with the singing! Plus, the lead singer is H-O-T. I love love LOVE this band!


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