Fantasii (Lisa)

I was listening to aozorafantasii on YT (also known as Lisa) and she’s an independent artist/songmaker who makes the most touching, relatable songs that always manage to lift my spirit and bring a smile to my face with her lyrics and angelic voice. I’ve been listening to her for about three years, maybe a bit less? I hope she’ll be able to follow her dreams and become a famous singer/songwriter because she’s just so amazing. Here’s her latest original song “Lonely City”:


Randooom ~

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas day went well 🙂

I’d like to try to keep blogging everyday, but knowing how spontaneous and irresponsible I am, that probably won’t happen *sweat drop* -_-;

But it’s break right now and I feel like posting something.

Last week I won a small sushi stuffed doll from the UFO catchers in I-Park. I was super happy because it only took me one try! ^-^ I’ll post a pic eventually…if I remember XD

EDIT: Found a pic, curtesy of because that’s the company that my doll is from.