I moved to Seoul, which means new school. It’s so challenging, I like that, but when you have no friends it’s hard to bear all the work and overload. I have a guy friend, who I’m extremely grateful for, but I wish I had a female friend because then we can talk and gossip about girl things that a girl wouldn’t say to a guy.

I wish I had more friends instead of just one.

I miss my school.

I spend 4-6 hours on homework as soon as I get home…I’m lucky today, after two weeks of school, I finally have a little homework that allowed me this free time to just type and vent.

Hope tomorrow gets better. I’m not trying to sound like I’m pitying myself. I just wanted to get this all out so I can continue on with my life and keep trying to survive this life of mine.


2 thoughts on “Life…School…

  1. Randomly searching online i found your blog ^^. I totally get what you mean. I am a total foreigner and I moved to a city very close to Seoul (not Seoul, so sad T^T) The only friends I have are two non Korean girls. It is very difficult trying to fit in. I love Korea and I loved the culture and the music n all the stuff way before i came here. There are times when I am in the class and people make fun of my in Korean -_-” I understand them and it totally hurts but I just kick it off.
    I spend the same amount of time on homework -_- its so stressful. Are you doing the IB course or are you in a normal Korean school?
    Hope you are having a nice time 🙂 I totally get the last line. It is really weird and I myself do not understand it but letting all the bleh stuff out on a blog or something totally makes me feel much better HAHAHA <_<"

    • Wow, that sounds so much worse than my situation since I go to an international school where everyone speaks English so thankfully, I don’t really have to deal with people making fun of my almost non-existent Korean T-T (I can understand Korean but barely speak it, weird, huh? XD) I agree, I love Korea; the culture, music, food, EVERYTHING is so awesome. But yeah, trying to fit in is harder when you’re a foreigner.

      Yep, it’s a fun time here in Seoul, just wish I had more companions or people to hang out with but maybe it’ll get better since I only just recently moved to a new school ^^;

      Thanks for your comment here on my blog! Glad to talk to another foreigner living in Korea ~

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