Superstar K Results

I just finished watching the latest ep. of SuperStar K (the 1st official ep. where the top 10 perform on a stage like American Idol) and I have to say I am absolutely SHOCKED and OUTRAGED by the results! The judges vote on each performance but it’s mostly the viewers’ votes that determine who moves to the next round, and the viewers vote during the show, so at the end all of that is tallied up and the top 8 move forward while two fail.

The girl who performed first (sorry, I don’t really understand/read Korean so I don’t know her name) was absolutely amazing and I could honestly imagine her on a real stage sing LIVE. The fact that she didn’t even make it to the next round really upset me. I almost feel like crying. It felt like a horrible twist of fate, where I thought she’d definately be in the finals and make it as a pro, and then to realize that it won’t happen. I feel like the votes were wrong and that they’re making a horrible choice. UGH, I don’t make much sense now but I’m just really frustrated and confused on how she didn’t make it to at least the next round. There were definately a lot of people who I thought should have gone home instead of her.


I guess I’ll get over it eventually but really, it’s just really shocking. She has a lot of talent and I hope that she’ll prove those voters who didn’t vote for her wrong by being one of the best, or something like that (I wish I had known about the voting before instead of after the show, I would have definately voted for her).

I’ll try to post the ep. when it’s uploaded onto YT or some other site.


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