Korean Food I’m Craving For Right Now

I’ve been craving for some specific Korean food so I decided to blog about it! Although it might make me hungrier, I don’t care! I just want some of this Korean food that I’ll name below:

돈까스 donkkasseu (fried pork cutlet)

It’s a Korean-fied version of schnitzel, though I know that the Japanese also eat this, just under a different, yet similar, name. The pic above is how Koreans usually serve it (or at least at the place where I get take-out does). The side dishes come with some kimpbap, fried fish, and sometimes they’ll have corn or coleslaw.

김치찌개 kimchi chigae/jjigae (kimchi stew)

Yum yum yum! You can add anything into this stew, some spam, onions, tofu, whatever you want! Using old kimchi tastes the best when brewing this stew ~


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