Nassun’s New Haircut?!


I seriously CANNOT imagine this guy:

…who rapped for Hyori in ‘U-Go-Girl’, to end up actually looking like this:

DANG, he’s cute! I mean, maybe not exactly the best out there, but compared to his old hairstyle, I have to say this is a big improvement and surprise! I used to think he looked pretty weird and old, but now he definately looks younger and less like a rich hobo.

I hope to see more of him now! Before I really disliked him, but now that I think of it, it wasn’t because of lack of rapping talent or anything, it was mostly his appearance that threw me off and left me disinterested.

Though I think his old look was a sort of trademark of his. I’m afraid I won’t be able to recognize him anymore . It’s possible this could affect his carreer if others can’t recognize him as well,but I guess that’s just some of the cons when you get a new look to look normal!

Anyways, here are some pics to reminense on the horrible days when Nassun had long hair:

Who knew under all that long, permed hair and goatee, there would be a cutie?


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