MIROTIC Tickets in Seoul

I’m freaking out. I’m trying to buy tickets. I want tickets to their MIROTIC concert sooooo badly! Since the tickets are sold online and I’m not a Korean citizen, my uncle is buying the tickets. We tried buying the tickets for the Saturday and Sunday performances but they were all gone. If some of you remember, or don’t know, the tickets sold out after 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES!!! After finding out there was more than a million Cassies in Korea, that made me realize that’s why tickets went out so fast.

Now, let’s fast forward. VIPs and Wonderfuls bought butt loads of tickets only to cancel them. About 2,000 seats I heard. Now I’m currently waiting to see if I’ll get a seat. I WANT ONE. I’m going crazy. It’s been nearly an hour since the tickets were released. I’m waiting for a phone call from my uncle (and mom who’s currently at his house). She called the first time to tell me that they’re trying but tickets are going out fast. I don’t know what’s happening now. That phone call was almost an hour ago.

Oh dear, I don’t care what tickets I get. The first time, I was stupid and wanted standing tickets. After realizing it’s too hard, I opted for the sitting tickets. But now I don’t care! I JUST WANT TO GET IN AND GO TO THE CONCERT! Micheoseo, micheoseo, crazy, crazy (sorry, at the moment, I’m too lazy to spell it in Korean). I feel sad because this may be my last chance to see DBSK perform LIVE. I’ve never seen them (despite being in Korea for a while), so this is really nerve-wrecking. I wish Cassies could just give me a chance and allow an American foreigner to get two tickets to their concert. That’s all I’m asking.

I must sound crazy now. I’m sorry. I’ll possibly edit this post later. When I’m not freaking out and becomming sad that my chances of getting tickets are slimmer than slim. Such slim chances…

…but I won’t give up hope!!!!

Well, I’m off to get ready to go to bed. Even though it’s 9 PM, I need to be in bed by 10 PM so I won’t be tired in the morning =_=

EDIT: I never got any tickets or was able to go to the MIROTIC Concert, but it’s all fine now. I won’t give up my love and passion for TVXQ ^_^


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